Derek Brokway Forecasts Brown's Downfall

Derek Brokway is the nearest we have to a modern day prophet in Wales. He Forecasts the weather with 99% accuracy on BBC Wales on a daily basis.

Last August I published this post:

Toque believes that Gordon Brown holidaying in Britain, this year and last, has put a curse on the weather. Apparently, Mr Brown use to go to Cape Cod for his holidays before becoming PM, Toque thinks that the weather might improve should Gordon Sod off back to Cape Cod.

Derek has said that this summer is going to be a good one. That must mean that Gordon Brown will be out before summer begins on the 21st of this month!

If Mr Brown hasn't left Downing Street by June 22, don't bother rummaging for your bucket and spade - Derek has got it wrong and it it is going to p**s down until next May!

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  1. There may be something in that. Brown reshuffled (instead of quitting) and we've had two days torrential rain.

    Oh yeah, and Hain got his job back and there were earthquakes in Port-Talbot.

    These things are connected. According to Arthurian lore, the leader and the land are one. When the leader cocks up, the land suffers famine, flood, pestilence etc. Obviously the land isn't happy and is fighting back ;)