Number One Reason why I hate Labour

Thomas George Thomas, 1st Viscount Tonypandy

The most sycophantic Brit ever born in Wales. A man embarrassed by his nationality and his father's language, a man with a pathological hatred of all things Welsh. A man who would use and abuse his Welsh heritage for self advancement but refused to give anything back.

Some might claim that he is an exception rather than the rule. But when Wil Edwards MP lost his seat to Plaid Cymru in 1974 he put it down to the fact that for every one Cledwyn there are 10 George Thomases in the Labour Party.

This remains the truth today. For every one Carwyn Jones there are 10 Don Touhigs and Ian Lucases and Chris Bryants and Paul Murpheys in the party. People who make working class Welsh people feel inferior, rather than raising them up, as the Labour Party, of all parties, was created to do.


  1. Welsh nationalism is the worst kind of nationalism! The nationalists of Wales have created a monster they cannot control! Order! Order!

    A truly vile individual.

  2. I come from an area very close and similar to the late Geaorge Thomas.

    In my experiance he was certainly "of a generation" which were self-loathing about their Welshness although more than happy to play the Welsh card if it suited their self-advancement. These "types" for whatever reasons certainly gravitated towards the Labour party and their legacy/attitudes is still prevelent to this day in the South and South East Wales.

    The irony is that his "nationalism" was the worst kind, completely misguided and self-serving. As the anon says above he truly was a vile individual and someone who I wouldn't trust as far as i could spit.

  3. No.1? Hmmm... I think you're right!

  4. Julian's friend, Sandy.18/06/2009, 19:12

    At least he loved his Mother.

    Such a nice boy.

  5. Williamdavies18/09/2009, 12:00

    The Labour party has embroiled us in ruinous foreign wars, led us to the brink of national bankruptcy, presided over a widening in the gap between rich and poor and widespread corruption over MPs' expenses. And the main reason you can find to hate the party is because a long-dead Viscount from Port Talbot wasn't Welsh enough for you. Really?

  6. You really are a twat. You really need to get out more!