I'm SO important

Ali Goldsworthy has an interesting post on the Lib Dem blog Freedom Central, in which she discusses Plaid's referendum dilemmas. She quotes John Osmond a Plaid Candidate in the last Assembly election claiming that a referendum is ‘frankly unlikely’ in this term of office.

She then goes on to claim that
in recent weeks influential members have called for them to back out of the coalition because they don’t think it will be achieved.

The term influential members is hyper-linked. Because I wasn't aware of any influential Plaid members making such a call, I clicked the link with enthusiasm, exited to find out who these influential members were. Imagine my surprise to find that the Plaid member with such great influence was ME! I don't know who should feel more insulted, myself or Plaid Cymru.

I'm sorry to disappoint you Ali, but I have never been an influential member of Plaid, I haven't even been a Plaid member without influence for over 8 years.

I am gutted - the note about my great importance has been has been edited and replaced with a link to a story about Alan in Dyfed! The shame, the shame :-(


  1. My Bad - apols just ammending post.


  2. Even more bad, I'm afraid.

    Try spelling 'amending' correctly. I'm sure this would help.

  3. yes, just compound a spelling mistake with poor grammar. "Even more bad"! ;)

  4. Thanks for the correction Abi.

    Being ditched for Alan is even worse than being called a Plaid member (See - I got the grammar point Morgan!)

  5. When it comes to expectation management, I'd tell you to place mine at 'not at all' when it comes to grammar and spelling.. though maybe I should say it's Ali not Abi :-)

    Apols again. I did wonder about changing it in a different way. I'm hazarding a guess that what you write is probably still pretty reflective of the view of Plaid members.

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  7. Alan's not even in "Dyfed"!