All the best Chris

This is just a short note to wish the Rt Hon Christopher Glamorgan all the best in his industrial tribunal. I believe that Christopher is at least the fourth member of the Assembly's staff to be sacked for blogging.

It is high time that the Assembly accepted that blogs now exist as a part of the norm of current affairs in Wales, and that people interested enough in public service to work for the Assembly are going to be interested enough to contribute on the Welsh political blogosphere.

Of course there are issues of confidentiality and lines that must not be crossed, but I can't remember a post by Christopher that was either reveling or controversial, certainly nothing that would appear to justify his dismissal from public service.

So good on you Christopher for standing up for freedom of expression - sue the buggers for millions!


  1. According to the press, Glamorganshire was dismissed in Autumn 2007

  2. Just to be clear he was employed by the Welsh Assembly Government not by the Assembly or by an individual AM. Your point though is essentially correct.

    A pedant

  3. You should make him an offer Peter. he may be able to revamp your blog.

  4. There's a overwhelming sense of community spirit on some Welsh blogs today. That can only be a good thing.

  5. I guess it depends on if he was running his blog from his office computer. If he was there can't be much cause for complqint.

  6. >I guess it depends on if he was running his blog from his office computer.

    That would depend on the policies in place - many places allow use of internet accesses for personal stuff at lunchtime.

  7. This is very surprising, particularly as the Welsh Assembly Government recently allowed a member of staff to resign after being found guilty in court of sexually harrassing a colleague.

    The man in question was even allowed to stay in the workplace while an investigation was underway.

    Now we hear that someone has been sacked for having a neutral blog. What's the world coming to?

  8. I don't know about his blog. If it still around its only open to those who are invited. So I am afraid I cannot possibly comment.