Holy Smoke

Some might think its irrelevant gossip.

Rhodri Glyn Thomas was kicked out of a pub for lighting a cigarette (or possibly a cigar) on Wednesday night

The No Smoking in Pubs rule was made by the Assembly.

It is a law that I support, but one which, we all know, has pissed off a number of Welsh people who enjoyed a fag with a pint. The fact that a senior member of one of the parties that strongly supported the law should have been caught ignoring it is an embarrassment, not a joke.

Rhodri Glyn has been the minister who has ditched the Plaid promise for a Welsh Language newspaper, reneged on the promise for a Federal Welsh Medium Collage, failed to get a Welsh Language LCO before the Assembly, embarrassed himself by announcing the wrong winner in a book prize and has now added to his gaffs by smoking in a pub after voting to ban smoking in pubs.

The man is an imbecile and an embarrassment. Time for a Plaid reshuffle - the man has to go!
Wales Online now has the story in more detail and with a reaction from Nick Bourne



  1. Nothing like a good over reaction and a bit of fact ignoring to make a good story! Bafoon!

  2. he was probably pissed again

  3. It was Wednesday and a cigar.

  4. http://www.rhodriglynthomas.org/speeches/smoking.shtml

  5. What a fantastic blog! I did not know Rhodri smoked being a christian minister, there you go..
    I've recently been sent by Rhodri's press officer a photo of Rhodri in jeans attending a ministerial opening. He made a great speech at the arts council conference, see youtube, kitenewspaper (tap in)

  6. it's the top story on red dragon radio in cardiff now...

  7. looks like is is being sacked Alwyn or having a bit of a hand smacking - IWJ is meeting with him and they have both pulled out of teh do on anglesey opening Kyffin's galleri

  8. little red rooster18/07/2008, 23:02

    Disappeared in a puff of smoke, so to speak.

    Didn't rate Rhodri Glyn - there may be a decent replacement to come out of all this.

    But I don't know why you sound so pleased with yourself (and learn to spell college FFS)