Same Old Tories

Glyn Davies' most recent posts is in praise of a private health care facility in Newport to treat bowel cancer:

Now I'm not going to play politics with this issue. It matters too much to me. I realise there are complex arguments, but I do hope that people suffering from bowel cancer are not being required to pay with their lives for some ideological prejudice against using the private sector

Like the ideological prejudice that those who can't afford this private facility are left to die in pain. No doubt!

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  1. In the interests of accuracy, the unit will not treat Bowel Cancer, but will carry out the colonoscopy that usually needs to be done on to assess what needs to be done. It needs skilled colonoscopists. The reason that the Assembly Government has given for delaying the Bowel Cancer screening programme is that there is insufficient capacity in the NHS to deal with the tumours and suspected tumours that would be found.