A group blog for the irregulars?

When I read through Welsh blogs, I feel that there is a vibrant discussion on Welsh politics going on in the blogosphere. But when I read my "hits" statistics I have serious doubts.

The most people who have read this blog on one day is 3276, the least is 14, the average is about 200. 200 readers "thinking" about what I have said is hardly going to set the world alight. Given that many of those readers have come here by "odd" Googles such as Gordon Brown Sex Pervert, and been bitterly disappointed, the real readership of this blog is less than the statistics suggest.

There is some evidence to suggest that group blogs are more popular than individual blogs. So that if half of us, especially those of us who don't post on a daily basis, amalgamated and created just one Welsh Politics group blog our total readership would be grater than the sum of our individual parts.

A number of very good bloggers have thrown in the towel because they can only blog once a week / month and the stats for such blogs are pathetically low, so we miss their valuable contributions. Contributions that could be accommodated within a higher readership group blog.

If one agrees with group blogging should there be one or many? Labour Blog Wales, or Liberal Blog Wales etc

I'm not advocating group blogging, at the moment, just throwing out the general idea. What do other irregular Welsh politics bloggers think about it?

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