Pendroni is the Welsh word for brooding, wondering "why?"

Aptly the blog Pendroni wonders why Interest in this blog seems to have taken off this week. The author, Heledd Fychan, a researcher for Plaid in Westminster has been posting since Saturday May 17th.

The answer to your question Heledd is that you didn't let anybody know that you were blogging. David Cornock told us about you and then Che Grav-ara, Annie Craven and Sanddef linked to you.

Since I started blogging I have tried to link to every new Welsh politics blog that I come across, not for any ulterior motive, but simply to try and add to the online conversation about politics in Wales. Sanddef and Normal are also generous linkers to new posters as are many others.

There are four ways of letting others know that you have a new blog
1: Link to their posts in your posts
2: Link to other blogs in your side links
3: Post a comment on other blogs
4: E-mail other bloggers to tell them of your existence

But if you don't let the wider Welsh poli-blogosphere know that you exist, your pearls of wisdom are wasted, nobody knows about your post on May 17th!

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