Canvasing tales

The one thing that political activists, of all parties - from across the political spectrum, share in common is the love of the funny canvasing tale.

I recall an occasion when I spent some time trying to persuade a potential voter in Rhyl of the virtues of Plaid Cymru, only to be told that the party, the candidate and the policies sound like a load of shi*e to me!

Who are you going to vote for then? I asked, so that I could record his opposition accurately on my returns!

Well me mate Neil Taylor, of course said voter.

Neil Taylor WAS the Plaid candidate!

I was tickled by this story from Kezia Dugdale's account of canvasing in Glasgow East:
The Tories are in a spot of bother. A couple of guys in my blitzing team this afternoon chapped every door in a street where the Tories had sent direct mails. Problem was, the Tories didn't put enough postage on the letters and each voter had to go to the Post Office and pay £1.27 to retrieve it - you can imagine how well that went down!

True or not, it made me giggle!


  1. Twpsins' votesare just as important as the votes of savvy people.
    Just tell them what they stand to get out of it and they'll vote for you....

  2. Remember canvassing for Plaid in the last election. One man told me he just couldn't make up his mind who to vote for, Plaid or Labour. To be honest he hadn't read anything that came through his door he said, even though he had some interest in politics. He gave me a speech about the failings of Plaid in Gwynedd and how he didn;t feel they deserved his vote.

    "Who's standing for Labour anyway?" he asked, and I told him it was Martin Eaglestone.

    Without missing a heartbeat he answered "Then you lot have got my vote!"

    Another man told me that this was his first election since retiring to Wales. While he had voted Tory in his old English home he would be voting Plaid this time because they were guaranteed to win Caernarfon and he always wanted to be on the winning side!

  3. A recently retired Plaid AM was canvassing several years ago and on approaching a doorstep tripped over and smashed several milk bottles.
    The voter soon arrived at the scene and on demanding with great ire who had spilt his milk, received the following reponse: -

    Good evening, I'm calling on behalf of the Liberal Democrats.'

  4. Message to Plaid candidates:
    never cry over spilt milk,
    never send Welsh milk to England to be bottled. It only comes back a day later....