Was it the blogs wot did for him?

Plaid Cymru has taken my advice and sacked Rhodri Glyn after his latest embarrassing gaff. I know that it is as a direct result of my post that Rev Thomas has lost his job, because the main stream media tells it so.

The spin being put on the "resignation" is that it was caused because he had become the butt of jokes on the internet because of his smoking-ban blunder. Vaughan Roderick has also being telling the BBC news programmes that Mr Thomas' position became untenable as a result of blogging comments about his gaff.

But the facts are quite different. Peter Black made a comment on the story yesterday afternoon, but did not name the minister in question. I then posted my comments in which the minister was named at 4.17 this morning. As far as I can see from Google these were the only two posts on the subject in the whole of the blogosphere, until Valley's Mam mentioned the rumour that the minister was about to be sacked at 5:16 this afternoon, a full 13 hours after my post. So the blogospher has not run wild with this story. The spin that it was the blogs wot done for him, just doesn't ring true. I tend to agree with Ms Wagstaf that there's more to the story yet to come to light.


  1. So do you really think Rhodri is an imbecile or were you just blogging when you were pissed again?

  2. Pissed or sober, I put my name by my comments, rather than hiding behind anonymity!

    Like it or not huge numbers of Welsh voters stood in the rain tonight, in order to puff.

    They did so because of Rhodri Glyn's campaign against smoking in pubs.

    Some of them might have had one over the odds, but pissed or sober, if Rhodri had "got away with it", none of them would be voting Plaid next time.

    By the way, like Rhodri Glyn, I am a nonconformist preacher, so I am obviously T total!

  3. In the sense that the story was broken on blogs and the mainstream media was left playing catch-up I think that in this instance it was the blogs wot did for him.

  4. does it matter who made him resign, there is much more to come out many people will testify to his less than Reverend like behaviour.

    also you would have to be very naive to believe that just because the politicians themselves don't value or read the blogs that their hangers on are only happy to use and abuse the welsh political blogs to their advantage as in this case.

  5. Nick Speed said on Wales Tonight nobody thought anymore of the incident until a few 'mischief making websites' reported the incident. It seems the relationship between our politicians and political journalists is a little too close.

  6. I find it hard to believe that a minister (of government not religion) would resign over smoking. Or is there a "smoking gun" somewhere?

  7. You have to look at his track record and the incidents that didnt get reported, may be RGT drinks with a few too many journos so gets away with things
    Yes there are many stories that may or may not now come out about him, but bottom line was he the right man for the job, did he do it well-I dont think so.
    I dont think we need a witch hunt , hes off down the yellow brick road.