Wasting Money

I must apologise to the Cynical Dragon, apparently he nominated me for one of those MEME things, last Monday. I normally get to know when somebody mentions me or my blogs, but David's post didn't hit the radar. It probably means that he needs to sort his ping or Technorati or some such gubbins out, but don't ask me, I don't understand these things.

The MEME is on the Best Waste of £200,000 of public money. The best waste of such public money would, of course, be to give it to me so that I could spend it on cigarettes and whiskey and wild wild women. But I don't think that counts.

One waste of public money that I have heard mention of informally on a number of occasions, but have yet to find proof of, is that the National Assembly refused to give grant assistance for a management buyout for Dolgarog Aluminium. It needed a grant of about £1.5 Million, and was turned down, causing the loss of 170 well paid jobs in a rural area. But, because the site is an ancient industrial site (over 100 years old) apparently the Assembly will be responsible for the £10 million cost of cleaning the site, before it is turned into a holiday home complex that will employ half a dozen local cleaners.

If this story is true then it is a condemnation of the Assembly Government.

If it is not true, then the Assembly Government needs to come clean about the costs, in order to stop the rumour that is ruining support for the Assembly in the Conwy Valley area and making both Plaid's Gareth Jones and Labour's Betty Williams look like chumps, rather than representatives of the people!

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  1. every day there is a different runour about something in Dolgarrog. Alwyn you forgot to mention the company had been bailed out to the tune of £3.5 million in 2004 by the assembly and had another $500,000 in 2007....