Wales Heralds, Dragon Pursuivant etc!

A number of bloggers have noted the rather weird new coat of arms that has been granted to the National Assembly. The one that includes rose, trefoil and thistle - so that we know that we are part of the Anglo-Scots-Irish Union, and not a country in our own right.

What I can't understand, however, is why the coat of arms is signed off by The Garter King of Arms!

The senior officer of arms for Wales is the Rouge Dragon Pursuivant, we are also served by the Wales Herald Extraordinary. Why didn't these two design the Welsh arms between them? If they can't do something as Welsh as the Assembly arms, what are they for?

One doesn't like to be rude to dignified people such as heralds at arms. But might I suggest that the Garter King of Arms takes his nose out of Welsh arms and allows our own heralds to design a suitable Welsh coat that gives us independent respect outwith the Anglo-Scottish-Irish Union?

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