New Baby

Congratulations to Huw Lewis AM and his wife Lynne Neagle AM on the birth of their second son over the weekend.


  1. "........ the Brown government is spending £11bn of taxpayers' money on a huge, pri vatised military academy in Wales, which will train foreign soldiers and mercenaries recruited to the bogus "war on terror". With arms companies such as Raytheon profiting, this will become Britain's "School of the Americas", a centre for counter-insurgency (terrorist) training and the design of future colonial adventures." John Pilger.

    Did you mean this little baby?

  2. anon - that's really quite pathetic.

  3. Carl

    I agree.....£11 billion pounds of taxpayers money.....and in Wales!! Truly sad....and as you say, pathetic! I am sure Lewis is quite proud of this little baby.

  4. anon - you are clearly a twat. Go away.

  5. Anon, I agree with Carl, using this post to have a go at Huw is a bit pathetic.

    I am not a big fan of Huw or Lynne's politics, but they are a part of the "scene" in Welsh politics.

    Love or hate their politics, we should be able to congratulate them on the birth of their new baby without making snide underhand political comments.

    Anyway if the bombing school is any body's baby, it is John Smith's not Huw's (as compulsory DNA tests will prove)