Alleyways, cheques and chukkers

I have never been much good at spelling, I rely heavily on Google's ABC check when writing this blog and comments on other blogs.

But spellchecking tools are not perfect, they only pick up words that don't exist; they can't differentiate between a shirt and a shit, for example!

Apparently, my last post had Stephanie Ashley dancing with death! I had an e-mail from a person who didn't want to point the mistake out in the comments, telling me that Dib Lemming had 15 minuets of fame re her comment on death in Llandudno.

Minuets and minutes, is one of those "corrections" that always cause me word blindness, I can never tell which is the correct one without a dictionary. Another one that always foxes me (and many other bloggers) is definitely and defiantly.

It dose make a deference of curse. The Tories defiantly campaigning in Glasgow East isn't quite the same as them definitely campaigning there!

As the pedantic arsehole kind person who pointed out my mistake said:

Alleyways cheque you're smell chukker

1 comment:

  1. I understand the point about spelling but it dose make a deference of curse sounds like Gerry Adams!

    Are you taking the piss out of Micks?