Darren Millar

There seems to have been a lot of reaction (links below)to comments supposedly made by Conservative candidate Daren Millar: creationism should be taught in schools and that homosexuality is a sin. As is to be expected most of the comments have been predictable, pouring scorn and abuse on Mr Millar because he dares to hold a Christian view point in what is fast becoming a secular fundamentalist society.

Whether one chooses to believe in it or not the creation story has had a huge influence on Western culture. Without knowledge of the opening chapters of Genesis one can't appreciate Milton's Paradise Lost, Ruben's Adam and Eve or even Jerry Springer the Opera. The creation story has also been of historical importance. It has been the basis on which libertarian movements have been built "all men are born equal" is a creationist ideal. Because Eve lead to the downfall of man the creation story is also important in understanding the misogynist tradition that blighted Europe for centuries. It is essential that children should be taught the creation and other important biblical stories because they are an essential element in understanding the cultural inheritance of believers and non-believers alike. Even in science lessons the fact that an alternate view to the conventionally held belief in evolution should be taught in the interest of educational impartiality and of general knowledge.

There is an important difference between a Christian believing that certain practices, are sins and exhorting and encouraging members of his church to avoid them and believing that the activity is a crime for which all members of society caught engaging in it should be punished by the state. After saying that some biblical verses say that homosexuality is a sin Mr Miller added that he doesn’t believe that anybody should be discriminated against because of his or her sexuality.

I don't agree with much of Millar's religious or political beliefs, but I respect his right to hold them. If Asghar Ali, Yasser Mahmood, Mohammad Ashgar or Tunji Fahm, Muslim candidates in this election, were ridiculed or condemned for their religious beliefs the same people who are now criticising Darren Millar's religion would be up in arms.

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Millar has now denied that he made any of the comments that the other parties claim that he made. Spineless little shit, he would have done more for the Christian cause and the cause of freedom if he had stood firm in defence of his right as a Christian to express a Christian point of view.


  1. "Secular fundamentalism" is a nonsense phrase. It doesn't make sense.

    Besides which, nobody's denying that knowledge of the Bible is essential if one wants to truly appreciate the canon of western literature. It is of enormous artistic importance. In exactly the same way that Greek, Latin, Norse and yes Celtic myths such as those in the Mabinogi are also highly significant. The Bible sits proudly alongside those other literary classics. But there aren't all that many people nowadays who insist we worship Zeus, Neptune, Thor or Rhiannon.

  2. Secularism is a religious doctrine in as much as it offers an opinion on religious belief. "Fundamentalist" is a perfectly appropriate word with which to describe those who strictly adhere to secularism, ardently evangelise their secular beliefs and wish to impose those beliefs on others.

    I don't know of any Christians who insist that people should become Christians, however there seem to be many secular fundamentalists who seem intent on insisting that no opinion other than a secular one should be permitted

  3. MOF - Agree with you 100%. What do the Politically correct bunch want to do - disenfranchise the millions who share Millar's viewpoint - well, yes probably and that is why everyone who cares about democracy should oppose these people. Of course the whole thing has been blown up to draw attention away from the poliical class's failure to address any of the big issues.

  4. You're absolutely right about sticking by his comments. It would have been much better if he had defended what he said rather than turn around and claim it was made up, because now he just looks silly. It's a shame that he doesn't feel he can defend his views, though I suspect it's because he feels it would hurt him politically.

  5. Secular fundamentalism" is a silly phrase to use.

    I have no problem with people having religious beliefs, but I also believe in the laws of the land. I don't support people who say something is a "sin", because they are saying it is wrong.

    He can say whatever he wants, but we should be allowed to let people know what he is saying so that voters can make their judgement on him.

  6. Oh, and as for people who go on about "!political correctness", they cannot have it both ways.

    If it is okay for him to make comments, then it is okay for us to comment, which in turn makes it okay for you to comment on what we say. political correctness does not come in to it. it is called freedom of speech. This welsh Tory has it, but when he says someting I don't like, I have the right to say that too. And then you can say it about me. As sooon as we say people cannot comment on each other its called fascism.

  7. In science lessons you teach science. You do not teach the bronze age creation myths of illiterate middle eastern goat-herders. When I did evolutionary theory in school we did indeed learn an alternative theory, Lysenkoism, as championed by Comrade Stalin. Lysenko's theories were scientific, in that they could be tested and disproved, which they most thoroughly were.

    If we're going to base our curriculum on the Bible, why not go the whole hog and teach that women should live in the garden while they're menstruating, that the earth is flat and that Pi equals three?

  8. Norfolk Blogger - no-one's saying you can't criticise Millar. The thing is you want to lock him up for having an opinion you don't like.

  9. Who ever mentioned locking him up ? you made that assertion based on your own prejudice and not based on anything I wrote here on on my blog.

  10. norfolk blogger - So what was your laws of the land comment about then? To me it suggested that you thought Millar had broken the laws of the land. Is that the case?

  11. I notice that none of the anti Xian brigade took up your point about slaging of Muslim candidates religon.

    Don't Muslims hang gays? Bit more nasty than saying it’s a sin by my rconing - but hey theyr Muslims so thats o.k.

  12. The questions posed and comments made on this website leads me to concur that we have forgotten two major issues in the UK.
    Firstly is that one day all of us. as individuals, will have to give an account of our lives to the LORD Jesus Christ. It will be his decision as whether or not we enter the rest, peace and joy of heaven, or everlasting punishment in hell.
    Secondly in the last fourty years or so society in the UK has become more and more fractured. As a nation we have followed philosophies that are direct opposition to the way we are supposed to live according to our Father GOD in his word, the scriptures.
    Our nation is in desperate need of Christians who will actually stand up for Jesus Christ, live the life the LORD Jesus wants us to, and tell people what is actually in the Bible. Secondly people need to see their need to repent of sin, whatever that sin may be, and to turn to Christ, who is the only way to the Father, and is the only one who can gives us the the real joy and peace we long to hav ein our lives.
    A good website to have a look at is www.lookingforGod.com