Abusing the race card is true racism

Unlike the vast majority of those who have commented on Alun Cairn's Wops comment, I actually heard the original programme on which the unfortunate comment was made. I thought nothing of it at the time and I had to listen to the programme again to see what the fuss was all about.

It was a silly comment, made in a silly context, it can't be excused. But the fact is it wasn't a big deal either (and Alun apologised on the spot when Vaughan picked him up on the inappropriate nature of the comment).

But there is a wider issue about racism here.

Proper racism is an abject evil.

A few years ago my wife, my sister and I were lost in London. We stopped by the first person we saw - a black woman - to ask the way. Her reaction to a car full of whites pulling up by her side was one of terror, she actually wet herself in front of us. There was nothing that we could do or say to reassure her that our intentions were honourable that we only wanted to ask directions.

The "best" that we could do was drive away and leave her in her distressed state. It was a sickening experience, but one that made me realise what racism, actual racial fear, is.

Most of the people who are playing the racist card against Alun couldn't give a shit about the reality of racism. They see it as a cheep shot against a Tory.

Using racism as a cheep shot, is probably the most racist action of all, because it reduces the real fear of the woman that I met in London, to nothing but political oneupmanship.

Everybody who know or knows of Alun Cairns knows that he is not a racist, and know his comment was not meant in an offensive way.

To use his comment to play the racist card demeans the campaign against truly offensive racism.

Playing the racist card, for cheep political pot shots, debases the true experience of racial oppression, and is something that all who oppose racial oppression should abhor.


  1. Yes, there are many degrees of rascism, but that doesn't excuse this casual racism. How can you say it was not offensive of course it was. Racism of any sort is inexcusable.

  2. You may as well bang your head against a wall MOF. "Casual racism" - that's a new one.