Who's morals?

I make no secret of the fact that I am a committed Christian and a supporter of the evangelical wing of the Methodist church. As a Welsh nonconformist I clearly believe in the division of state and church, but I don't try to divide my own political and religious views. Both influence each other and both make up the person who is me. My Welsh nationalism is Christian and my Christianity is Welsh nationalist.

I was intrigued, therefore by a mention on the letters page of this weeks Golwg to THIS site from an organisation calling itself the Christian Institute. A site that claims to measure an MPs voting record according to Christian standards.

According to the site it appears that all of our Welsh MPs are lost, forsaken, destined for fire, brimstone, hell and damnation!

The biggest score that an MP can get is 20.

Albert Owen, Lab, Ynys Mon, scores 0, nothing, zilch, sod all -shame on you Albert!
Hywel Francis, Lab, Aberafon, does slightly better on 1.
Adam Price, Plaid, Carmarthen E and Dinefwr scores 5.
Veering on the side of the Angles is David Jones, Con, Clwyd West who scores 7 ticks and no crosses.
Weirdly one of our most moral MPs is cheeky Lembit Opik who scores 8 - good, but not good enough, not even half moral!

Clearly, as we are being governed by a bunch of heathens, I need to reconsider my attitude to standing for election. Parliament could do with a good dose of Christian input from the likes of me. So where would I fare?

Oops! I am a tad better than Albert, but nowhere near as good as Lembit!

This site has two problems as far as my Christianity is concerned.

Firstly its moral stance seems to be based on the opinions of the extreme right wing bible-belt American tradition of Christianity, which has little in common with the radical tradition of Welsh nonconformity.

Secondly the Christian tradition to which I belong believes that salvation is a personal thing, not one that can be forced on others by law.

I just don't see the point of laws that force Christian morals on non Christians, indeed I find them counter productive to the cause. I would be happy if every reader of this blog chose Christ as his / her saviour. But to make that choice you have to have a choice. But you won't have a choice if the so called Christian Institute succeeds in making any alternative illegal!

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