YouGov: individual rights and freedoms

YouGov has a panel of some 5,000 members who fill in a daily survey. Some of the questions on yesterdays survey were about individuals' rights and freedoms here are the results:

Britain has been called a 'surveillance society' where peoples actions are routinely monitored. To what extent do you agree or disagree that Britain is a 'surveillance society'?

Strongly agree 36.7%
Agree 43.3%
Disagree 13.7%
Strongly Disagree 3.2%
Dont know 3.2%

The need for greater public security, prevention of fraud and environmental concerns has led to a range of initiatives that require the monitoring of daily activities. Which, if any, of these do initiatives do you think has or would have beneficial effects on individuals' rights and freedoms?

CCTV cameras 48.5%
ID cards 37.9%
Finger printing in schools 14.8%
Congestion charging 13.2%
Chip and Pin 53.5%
Fitting microchips in wheelie bins 4.6%
Tracking of retail purchases 7.8%
Tracking of travel patterns 9.7%
Biometric passports 40.2%

And looking at this list again, which, if any, do you think has, or would have, a negative effect on individuals' rights and freedoms?

CCTV cameras 22.7%
ID cards 39.7.9%
Finger printing in schools 55.7%
Congestion charging 41.6%
Chip and Pin 7.2%%
Fitting microchips in wheelie bins 66.8%
Tracking of retail purchases 62.8%
Tracking of travel patterns 58%
Biometric passports 24.1%

A few local councils have been randomly selecting household rubbish bins as part of a study to find out how much food people throw away. Householders were told about the search after it had been carried out and issued with replacement bins. Which of these statements do you most agree with?

This was an invasion of privacy and should not have been allowed 66.5%
The study will provide important data on how much food people really are wasting and was worth the small invasion of privacy 23.4%
Neither of these 7.6%

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