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For some reason YouGov seems to be out of sync with their surveys. The results of the Wednesday survey on gay marriages hasn't been sent out yet. However further results from Tuesday's survey on the tanker driver's strike, boozing laws and law and order have been published.

Overall, 60% of panellist opposed the tanker drivers strike and 30% supported the strike.

In regards to drinking, 67% support increasing the age of purchasing alcohol from 18 to 21 and 29% would like the age limit to remain at 18.

There is a similar level of support for a higher age limit on buying alcoholic drinks in pubs and clubs (64%) and 36% oppose this.

A slight majority (52%) think that retailers should stop offering cheap alcoholic drink deals and 43% would like these bargains to continue.

The full set of results for the crime questions are below.

To what extent do you think the people listed below should be responsible for reducing crime in your local area?

Neighbourhood Watch
A very large extent 4.6%
A large extent 17.6%
A small extent 50.9%
A very small extent 21.9%
Not involved at all 3.6%

The Police
A very large extent 73.6%
A large extent 22.1%
A small extent 2.3%
A very small extent 0.7%
Not involved at all 0.5%

Local Councils
A very large extent 25.1%
A large extent 45.3%
A small extent 21.1%
A very small extent 5.1%
Not involved at all 2.3%

The parents
A very large extent 52.8%
A large extent 34.1%
A small extent 7.8%
A very small extent 3.5%
Not involved at all 0.8%

Local voluntary organizations
A very large extent 2.4%
A large extent 8.5%
A small extent 42.1%
A very small extent 30.8%
Not involved at all 13.9%

In order to restore trust in the criminal justice system, the government has proposed various measures aiming at reducing the crime rate. Which of the following do you approve of?
Police community support officers should be given more powers in issuing fines and detention 58.5%
People serving community sentences should be forced to wear visible jackets in order to show that they are being punished by law 58.4%
The administration of the criminal justice system should be removed from the probation service and contracted out to a new organisation.14.9%
Publishing "conviction posters", showing the public the profiles of the convicted criminals. 44.2%
A public commissioner should be appointed to represent victims of crime 48.5%

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