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Yesterday's daily YouGov survey asked about attitudes to the EU in response to the Lisbon vote in Ireland. Here are the results:

Three quarters of those surveyed would like to see a referendum on the Lisbon treaty in the UK and all EU member states. A minority of 11% think votes should not be held in EU countries.

Most of those polled believe that the 35 years of EU membership has had a negative impact on Britain's laws and institutions (69%) and personal freedoms (61%). Only 24% and 18% said that membership has had a positive impact on personal freedoms and laws and institutions, respectively.

Opinion is roughly split on whether Britain should continue its membership of the European Union with 44% supporting continued membership and 48% opposing.

Today's survey includes these questions?

The wife of the failed July 21 bomber Hussain Osman was sentenced for 15 years for not informing the police of the attempted suicide bombing in advance. Do you think the sentencing is ….
Too harsh
Too lenient
About Right
Don’t know

In the US, the state of California has granted marriage licences to gay couples for the first time. Do you think Britain should follow suit?
Don’t know

To what extent do you think that gay couples should enjoy the same rights as heterosexual couples?
A very large extent
A large extent
A small extent
A very small extent
None at all, the two types of couples should be treated as separate
Don’t know

I'll post the answers tomorrow. If you would like to join YouGov so that your opinions on questions such as this can be counted click here

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  1. just wanted to say that these YouGov posts have made fascinating reading for me.