Old "New To Me" Blogger

One that should have been in my blog roll for a long time, but I missed is Sandwell Boy

His profile says:
I was working as the Political assistant to Andrew Davies AM for Swansea West from 2004 - 2008. I have recently been appointed as an International Officer for Swansea University. I am now based in Swansea. I was also recently elected as a councillor in the local elections May 2008.

Bloging since October 2006, so an Old Stagger in the Welsh Poliblogs scene - sorry for not linking to you sooner.


  1. An Old Stagger eh

    Drink a lot does he? :-)

  2. Not as far as I know.
    Butt I drinc a lot and I can't spel wen I'm pised, whitch probybly ecplains the mistace

  3. None of that Welsh thingie here Alwyn. You have another blog for that!