It's No Laughing Matter!

I had expected, Betsan, Vaughan, Peter , Bethan or Leighton to pick up on this one, but as they haven't I shall tell the story :-)

During Questions to the First Minister this afternoon, Eleanor Burnham started her question to Rhodri with a complaint about the dastardly way in which she was treated by Carwyn Jones last week.

Carwyn had made a joke that Eleanor didn't think was very funny, about never wishing to travel with Eleanor given the misfortunes that appear to beset all of her journeys. Full details here, HT David Cornock.

As Eleanor told the First Minister travel in Wales is no laughing matter.

Hear, hear!!!

Unfortunately Eleanor ended her question by making a Freudian slip. Rather than telling the FM its time you got your act together she said its time you got your arse together.

Result - rather than just Carwyn laughing at her - the whole chamber was bent double.

Da Iawn Eli! :~)


  1. The record will show that Eleanor stopped herself from saying that and asked when the FM will get his act together.

  2. But she has established herself as the clown princess of the Assembly