Europhile or Ostrich?

This comment by Stephen Farrington seems to typify the head in the sand attitudes of supporters of European integration to the Irish referendum result:

Redrafting the treaty in the wake of less than 0.1 per cent of Europeans rejecting it would be futile

To dismiss the Irish vote in this way is disingenuous. The truth is that the Irish are the only people of Europe who have been allowed to express an opinion.

Had the rest of Europe been given the same opportunity that the people of Ireland were given, Stephen and other Euro-whores know that a result similar to the Irish one would have occurred in the majority of the 27 nations. Which is precisely why the other 26 have chosen not to hold a referendum.

Ignoring the result in Ireland, a country which has a fairly positive attitude towards the EU, is like Gordon Brown ignoring a bad opinion poll in the Labour heartlands because it only asked the view of a 5000 sample!

The fact is that the majority of the people of Europe, not just the Irish, don't like the way in which the Union is turning into a superstate rather than the economic community that it was established to be.

Rather than dismissing the Irish view, whilst ignoring the views of their own people, the mandarins of the EU might serve the people of Europe better if they took the representative view of the Irish into consideration and concentrated more on building up the European Economic Community and rather less on trying to create the U S of E!

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EU Treaties must be ratified unanimously. Each country ratifies a Treaty on the assumption that all other countries will do so too. If one country says that it cannot ratify a Treaty as it stands - in Ireland’s case because the Irish people have rejected it - there is no point in the other countries proceeding, and the Irish Government should request them to stop.

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