Behind the Headlines

Normal Mouth flags a post on the US legal help site Out-Law which reports threats of legal action against blogs by the news agency, AP.

Apparently AP believes that even short excerpts cut and pasted onto blogs of online news content are a breach of copyright.

If the boot was on the other foot, and a print newspaper lifted content from a blog, could the blogger sue for mega bucks?


  1. why not put us all out of our misery and join the Labour Party MOF, you are obviously in line with much of their thinking and you can also suck up to Normal Mouth in person.

  2. One gets use to odd comments from Anonymous commentators, but this one must win the prize for the oddest one yet!
    I hadn't realised that suing newspapers for lifting copy from blogs was in line with Labour party thinking.
    Aknowledging another blogger for flagging up a link isn't sucking up - its common courtesy.

    Still being told that I should join Labour makes a refreshing change to being told to join Plaid or the Tories :-)