YouGov: David Davis

YouGov has a panel of some 5,000 members who fill in a daily survey. Some of the questions on Friday's survey were about David Davis, the petrol tanker driver's strike and releasing very old prisoners. Here are the results:

A similar proportion support (41%) and oppose (45%) the decision by David Davis to resign over the 42-day detention of terrorist suspects.

Interestingly, half believe the Liberal Democrats made the right decision not stand against David Davis in a by-election, yet the same proportion say it is wrong for the Labour Party not to stand.

Two thirds of panellists say it is morally wrong for the Government to offer concessions and deals to other parties on unrelated matters in order to get its legislation through.

On the subject of petrol, half of the panelists intend to make fewer car journeys as a consequence of increasing prices. And, most seem confident that there will be no petrol shortages as 48% of respondents have not filled up the car in advance of the tanker strike. Only 10% have topped up, just in case.

An overwhelming majority (85%) say that convicted murders such as the Black Panther should never become eligible for parole no matter what their age.

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