Why? Wendy

I have listened to the news, and read the blogs, but I still don't quite understand why Wendy Alexander has resigned.

The controversy over her "dodgy donations" has been going on for nine months or so, and she has stood unbended in the face of the storm. She has been let off by the procurator fiscal and the election commission, the decision of the parliamentary standards committee was a very soft rap on the knuckles, one day's suspension - an extra day's holiday at the end of the summer brake. No big deal.

Ms Alexander has already accepted that one of the donations received was undoubtedly illegal, so an extra day off with hubby and kids as punishment is hardly six of the best. Had she accepted the rap and shurged, a line would have been drawn under the saga and she could have got on with her job. Battle over, no great victory but hardly a defeat either, so why hoist the white flag now, at battle's end? It doesn't make sense.

The timing of her resignation, the circumstances of her resignation and the poor arguments in her registration speech don't harm the SNP, they harm Labour - which makes one wonder if that was the intention!

Wendy was stabbed in the back by members of her own party - has she resigned in order to stab the bastards back?

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