New Blogs

A welcome to a number of new and newish blogs.

Sanddef of Ordovicius fame has added two new URls to his belt.

Cyflwr yr Undeb is only a fortnight old, but already has 55 posts, making it by far the most prolific Welsh language blog, and it is a blog worth reading.

Sanddef and I rarely agree on European matters, but there is little opinion on CyrU, just lots and lots of links to sources on European issues that are of value to Europhiles and Europhobes alike. Sanddef now has an English version of the CyrU site State of the Union. If you love the EU bookmark it - if you hate the EU this is the secret info amo store!

With the EU elections on the horizon a new Plaid blog has appeared called Best for Wales. This blog seems to be an unofficial back Jill Evans for Europe blog. A worthy cause, no doubt, but one that has a whiff of negativism about it. Plaid, Labour and the Tories will have a seat each in next years Euro elections. The fight is for the fourth seat - shouldn't europhile Plaid blogs be backing Eurig to gain the spare, rather than dissing him as a challenge to Jill's seat?

Another Plaid challenger who is bloging his campaign is Elfyn Llwyd MP, who has his eyes on the party presidency.

I have known Elfyn for too many years to remember, so I can't say anything against him.

He would make as good a Party president as anybody, he is one of the few Plaid big wigs who oposes using the socialist tag and that is a plus to me!

But, given that the party's power is vested in the Leader who will always be in Cardiff Bay, the President is still the Queen of the party, the Head of State, the titular top honcho - if Elfyn won the presidency - wouldn't there be somthing pervers in having Plaid's symbolic top dog in Westminster?


  1. Thank you for the bestofwales mention, but I do think you misinterpret the aim of the blog.

    The purpose is to highlight the internal SELECTION which is taking place at the moment. Once the best team is selected, then the campaign starts to maximise the vote at the election.

    And as you can see, Jill Evans MEP is backed by a subtsantial number of people in Plaid Cymru

  2. Three years ago Elfyn Llwyd was happy to call Plaid a socialist party...


    They say they will fight Westminster seats with socialist banner high. Or, as parliamentary leader Elfyn Llwyd put it at their spring conference in the Welsh-speaking heartland in Caernarfon, Plaid is a socialist party "and proud of it".

  3. I can't see why anyone would put their faith in Elfyn. He couldn't even arrange to get the three members Plaid selected into the second chamber. He must have misheard what someone whispered in his ear, but's it's cost Plaid a lot of money to run a selection process on that basis.