One for a Linguanaut

Damon Lord has a long questionnaire on his latest blog post.

I can't be bothered to answer all the questions. Most are age inappropriate to an old fart like me anyway.

But there is one question that I do want to answer:

Can you swim?

I am pleased to say that the answer to that question is yes, thanks to the National Assembly.

When I was in my early 30's the answer would have been No - I was terrified of going into deep water, I would try my best to avoid swimming pools and would paddle in the shallow end if forced to "go swimming"

However I had free swimming lessons, provided by the Assembly, when my kids were young, so that I didn't put them off swimming by being a scared dad.

Most swimming pools offer this service – ask about it!

Having learned to swim as an adult and having been given the opportunity to swim confidently with my kids I would recommend adult swimming lessons to all parents and grandparents who can't yet swim, and to all who are thinking of becoming parents or grandparents.

It makes a world of difference!

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