Poor Olympic Show

The morning papers and the BBC tell me that the Olympic Opening Ceremony was Majestic, Spectacular and Wonderful. Sorry to be a killjoy, but I thought that it was a load of crap!

It opened with William Blake's delusional claim that Jesus paid a visit to England's Green and Pleasant Land (Jesus didn't and Blake made the claim whilst suffering from serious mental health issues). Almost as a whoops moment, the ceremony realised that it was a "British" rather than an English games, so Jerusalem had a brake for Danny Boy, Flower of Scotland and Cwm Rhonddao to be included before reverting to Jerusalem. Almost as if to say that the north of Ireland, Scotland and Wales were included in England's green and pleasant land.

The next scene was another Blakism. England's Green and pleasant land was transformed into the "dark satanic mills". In a form of reverse racism some of the industrialists were black. There is no doubt that black men and women were employed in the mills, mines and docks during the industrial revolution and that their labours added to the wealth of the industrial barons, but suggesting that black men were amongst the top hatted barons of industry was a "politically correct" lie.

The idea that the games were forged in the steel of the industrial revolution was another lie. The first time the Games were held in London in 1908 it was deemed inappropriate for "working class people" to take part in such a gentlemen's event.

I liked the bit where the Queen was escorted to the games by James Bond. It was funny, but was spoiled by the Queen looking so miserable when the cameras shot to the "real live HMQ" – she was not amused!

The singing of God Save Betty was apparently sung by a deaf children's choir, but the BBC didn't show any close up's of them signing the song – which rather defeated the object!

When Team GB entered the stadium HM was picking at her cuticles and looking entirely bored by the whole event, so all in all a very poor show from our so called head of state..

I watched the show on the TV, and I was bored stiff. It was clear that most of the show was "made for tv". Those in the ground couldn't see the half of the production. OK those who paid £2012 to watch the show aren't going to admit that they were ripped off – but they were!

At the end of the show it was interesting to note that the President of the IOC thanked the public servants and the volunteers for their contribution, thanking the plebs hadn't crossed Lord Coe's mind.

After all the hype, and Huw Edwards and the Beeb trying to big it up – I would give the Olympic Opening Ceremony, at best one out of ten. That 1 is for the lighting of the coldron – which was inspiring – but as for the rest it was a coldron full of shit!


John the Window – the most corrupt man in Britain!

The tax avoidance problem isn't caused by billionaires fiddling their accounts –it's caused by me giving a fiver to a mate for helping me out when my car don't work according to government minister David Gauke

I am also part of the rotten core of corruption by paying the window cleaner £4:00 in cash every month, without ever asking for a VAT receipt, or even checking that the windows have been cleaned; the basket could be secreting thousands of £4s a month into a secret bank account in the Cayman Islands and bankrupting the British economy in the process - because of fools like me!

Those who are committed to protesting against tax avoidance must stop protesting against the likes of Sir Phillip Green immediately – he is just an innocent bystander in a much more corrupt cabal headed by none other than John the Window from north west Wales!

Shocking! - Shouldn't be allowed