Time to Stop the Stink

The sewage treatment plant built at Y Ganol (next to the Black Cat petrol station near Glan Conwy and Llandudno Junction) in 1999 at a cost of £ 45 million was intended to create a plant that would ensure that sewage from the greater part of Conwy County was treated in a way that was odourless and environmentally friendly.

Unfortunately the plant has never worked properly! Mainly because the system that was built at y Ganol proved to be dangerous just before it was opened.

Because of the risks some of the sewage is stored in skips and then is transferred to cac lorries for treatment elsewhere.

The skips stink continuously when they are closed; when they are opened to transfer their content to the lorries the smell is enough to make one gag.

The smell is only part of the problem; research has shown that the gasses coming from such places also contain pathogens that cause Asthma and E-Coli.

The Conwy Valley is an area that attracts visitors from all over the world; their initial welcome to the head of the Valley is the smell of shit - some welcome!

Millions of pounds have been invested into making the Junction into one of the best places to buy a car throughout the UK. If you want to buy a fancy expensive car or a cheap old banger, the smell of shit whilst considering a purchase will not be a big selling point!

Those of us who live in the area have had enough of Dŵr Cymru's excuses, denials of the extent of the problem and false assurances that the issue is just temporary.

Fifteen years of stink, health worries and economic disadvantage is more than "more than enough"!

A protest will be held near the plant on 4th October 2014 at 11am. Come in droves to join our protest - but bring a mask to protect yourself from the abject stench!



What a silly article on the Herald site Labour fears English votes plan will halt new powers. These ill thought out plans will not halt Scottish self determination they will enhance them!

English Votes for English Laws in the House of Commons is unworkable.

85% of the representation in the House of Commons is already English. England can outvote Scotland, Wales Cornwall and Northern Ireland together; at over 5 to 1 under the current system, restricting the voting rights of "Celtic" MPs doesn't redress a balance it enhances the current imbalance. You cannot save the Union by giving a minority of MPs an even more minor role in the Union's Parliament whilst promoting the vast majority to a more superior role!

Some Scottish only or Welsh only issues are still reserved by Westminster, so under EVoEL rules would voting on SVoSL and WVoWL rules also exist? Broadcasting is not devolved, so S4C and BBC Alba are still UK issues, would English MPs be forced to abstain on such issues? If not they must be devolved, if they aren't WVoWL gives Wales "double devolution" on S4C and doesn't address the ubiquitous West Lothian Question!

Westminster is a bicameral parliament how would EVoEL work in the House of Lords?

The fact is that when 45% of an "Union" registers its dissatisfaction with that union, there is no compromise that can appease those who are dissatisfied.

There are only two responses to the referendum and the "Vow", renege on the Vow and let Scotland know that it was cheated out of Independence or stick by the Vow and let Scotland know that the Vow was a mirage.

The Union was put on life support on September 18th 2014, it is just a matter of time for those grieving to accept the death of the Union and for the nearest and dearest to decide when and how to flick the switch!


Dafydd y Dug - Rot in Hell

I was raped by Dafydd y Dug as a 16 year old, he held me in a stranglehold whilst he buggered me against my will against the wall of the Theological Collage in Aberystwyth.

He was an evil pederast who got away with his crimes in the same way that Jimmy Seville did; by nobody believing a word against him because he was a nationalist rather than a national hero. I reported his assault to the police and they asked me if I had an erection whilst I was being assaulted, I innocently answered yes and because of that they claimed that I was a willing partner and that I could, myself, be charged with public indecency.

Dafydd y Dug is the main reason why I hate the term homophobia as a general term. I had a genuine reason for my phobia / fear, and dealing with that fear has been a long and painful process. My phobia is not a made up euphemism for general disagreement with the gay rights movement (with whom I tend to agree), but overcoming my genuine fear has been a bloody difficult process.

I'm sorry, but I will not be mourning the death of Dafydd y Dug.


Scotland's referendum a winner - whatever the result

Over the years I have spent many long and tedious hours sitting in the foyer of village halls acting as a polling agent. Some of my best friends are people I met representing opposing parties who I have spent those hours with chatting about what's on TV, books, life in general; even playing cards with to pass the hours as we wait and wait for a voter, any voter, of any hue, to turn up so we can cross them off the list. I've been in a hustings meeting before an election where there were more candidates on the stage than voters in the audience. Seeing pictures of people queuing up to register to vote; seeing pictures of meetings with standing room only, brings a tear to my eye and makes me feel jealous of Scotland.

As a Welsh nationalist I am obviously an avid supporter of the Yes side, but even if every one of the newly registered missing million votes No and every one of those who have had to stand in the back of the crowded meeting room votes No – this referendum will still be a resounding success because of the way in which it has succeeded to re-engage people with the democratic process. For that, alone, Mr Salmond should be heartily congratulated - whatever the outcome on September 18th.