London Welsh! Heads or tails?

Last month I posted a blog in which I wished well to the English Democrats in Ealing South and Sedgfield.

The results were disappointing, but Plaid only managed 609 votes in its first political outing too!. The important thing is that English Democracy has thrown its hat into the electoral ring, as it becomes a permanent part of the electoral process its message will be heard by more people and its vote will increase.

I was disappointed to hear from Plaid and SNP supporters in both constituencies that they had voted for Unionist parties rather than giving wholehearted support to the English nationalists.

How big a brick is needed to be applied to the heads of Welsh and Scots ex-pats. before they realize that the English National cause is one and the same as the Welsh and Scottish national cause?

All Welsh, Scottish and Irish patriots who live in London and who believe that their countries should be free should also support England's freedom and support Garry Bushell for London Mayor.

Any London voting Welshman who supports an unionist party rather than the English Democrat candidate is being, practically, anti Welsh, because England's right and Wales' right to be recognised as the nations that they are, are just different sides of the same coin.

Apologies to Keir Hardly Labour

As soon as I spot a new member of the Welsh political blog family I try to give the site a mention on this site and add it to my blogroll. There are very few that I haven't spotted within a few days, but Keir Hardly Labour has been blogging for three weeks, even commented on my blog, with out me noticing his/her presence. Sorry for ignoring you, bach

I'm not sure if Keir is an odd Labour party supporter or one who is pretending to be a caricature of a Labour supporter. Read the blog and let me know what you think :-)

If there are any other Welsh political bloggers who I have missed (from 95% of the political spectrum - I don't do very extreme right or left!) please leave your details in the comments.


Englandandwales Pub Quiz

Q1 What's the biggest lake in Cuba and Japan?

Q2 What's the longest street in Trinidad and Norway?

Q3 What's the highest mountain in England and Wales?

Q4 Why are the first two questions daft and the third one, one that all can answer?

Wales ain't part of the Union!

Peter Hain and Huw Iranca Davies, pissed off with Cardiff Labour going into coalition with Plaid, against London Labour's wishes, are about to embark on a Summer Offensive to extol the advantages of the Union.

Chware teg, it's something to do during this rain swept summer and it beats swimming in the sea off Barmouth with the threat of killer sharks basking in Welsh waters!

Huw and Pete have a basic problem to address before they start their campaign, however:

Wales is not part of The Union.

The Union is a union of the Kingdom of England, the Kingdom of Scotland and what's left of the Kingdom of Ireland. Wales doesn’t come into the equation. Wales isn't on the Union Jack, or the Royal Standard because Wales isn't part of the Union. Wales is in the Union because it is included in the term Englandandwales. For Wales - see England, is Wales' status in the Union

Before offending us all summer with the benefits of the Union perhaps Pete & Huw should begin by explaining why Wales should be part of Englandandwales, rather than a full member of their Beloved Union that excludes Wales!


Wales’ devolution hopes lagging

In today's Western Mail David Williamson writes an article to explain why Scot identity sees Wales’ devolution hopes lagging Mr Williamson writes the same tired old arguments about how Scotland lost its independence after Wales and retained a number of national institutions that Wales never had.

The Church of Scotland is Presbyterian in denomination. Having a national non-Anglican church has prevented full assimilation into English culture; says Mr Williamson. Conveniently forgetting that the reason why Church and State were separated in Wales in the 1920's was because the majority of Welsh people weren’t members of the state church and objected to the Anglican Church's privileges.

The presence of the four “ancient” universities of St Andrews, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Edinburgh has ensured the development of an independent academic culture, is another reason given for Scotland's primacy in the independence stakes. The University of Wales may not be as old as the Scottish Universities, but it has been around for over a hundred years; so it should have bedded down as a national institution by now surely.

The reason's given by David Williamson for the differences in the fortunes of Scottish and Welsh national causes are not really reasons at all they are weak excuses. Until the 1970's the SNP use to follow Plaid's lead. Plaid was formed nine years before the SNP. The SNP's victory in the Motherwell by election in 1945 was seen by many as being made possible because of Saunders Lewis' campaign in the 1943 University of Wales by election. Winnie Ewing would have been unlikely to win the 1967 Hamilton by-election if Gwynfor hadn't paved the way in Carmarthen the previous year.

The reason why the SNP has overtaken Plaid is because the SNP has always been a party that has campaigned for Scottish Independence, whereas Plaid has usually been a bit ambivalent about independence. Since 1979 Plaid has virtually given up on independence as a political aim, hitching itself to the devolution wagon instead. Plaid Cymru refuses to campaign for independence and changes the subject when independence is attacked by others, rather than standing four square to defend the independence cause.

It is sad to think that Scotland could be independent before Wales even has a proper law making devolved parliament. It is sadder still that Plaid Cymru AM's and MP's seem happy to accept such a situation as inevitable and desirable


Why the royals don't buy toilet roll

David Jones MP is almost onanastic about the fact that some minor royal visited his constituency today. By his own admission it's the first time that any royal has been arsed to do so in almost 200 years

But despite being ignored by the royals for almost two hundred years Colwyn still has a Royal Hotel, a Princess Drive and a statue of the Princess of Whores in its shopping centre. Why?

If no so called Royal has been bothered to grace the town with a visit for 184 years, and the best that they can do after such a long disinterest is to send the 569th in line to the throne, shouldn't the local representative of the people be telling them where to stuff their Royal Disinterest, rather than kissing their backsides and fawning loyalty to those who, clearly, couldn't give a fiddler's f*** about his constituency or his constituents?


Y tren nesaf ... The next train...

The call for bilingual train announcements to be made in English first has caused some controversy. Not surprising, as controversy between the Red and the Green was its intention, a rather pathetic attempt by anti Welsh Labour to rub Plaid up the wrong way before the coalition has even taken root.

Good try but no cigar, as they say in the USA.

It may be because I am very hard of hearing, but I see no value in station announcements in any language. They are just part of the cacophony, an addition to background noise and of little practical value. The basic information is on the printed timetables, updates are available on screens, there is no need for tinny announcements over loudspeakers.

My compromise suggestion is to shut the buggers up in both languages.


Hindu bull has more rights than Christian Girl.

In the High Court today a schoolgirl was refused the right to wear a ring in school as a symbol of her commitment to chastity as an expression of her Christian faith, despite the fact that such a symbol would do no harm to anybody else.

Also in the High court today it was decided that the TB carrying bullock that endangers the health of the Welsh herd should not be put down, because doing so would infringe the human rights of the so called monks at Skanda Vale to express their religious faith.

It appears that a Hindu bullock has more human rights in Britain today than a Christian girl has and that freedom of religion is a human right afforded to all faiths other than Christianity.


Barnett holds Wales back

The Barnett Formula was devised in the late 1970's as an interim means of funding the Welsh and Scottish devolved bodies that may have been set up if the devolution referenda of 1979 had succeeded. If Scotland and / or Wales had voted yes in sufficient numbers in 1979 the formula would have been reviewed, as intended, within a year or two.

Barnett wasn't perceived to be fair at its outset - it was just a stopgap. If it wasn't fair at the time there is no way that it can be claimed to be fair 28 years later. I can see no justification, whatsoever, for continuing with Barnett as the funding formula for Wales today.

Our Governor General, and other anti-Welsh Labour MPs, however, are opposed to the funding issue being re-visited.


Their excuse is that it may lead to Wales getting less money. I find this attitude reprehensible. If Wales is getting more than its fair share through an unfair system then that is wrong, it is morally indefensible. If Wales gets less through a fair system, then so be it, fairness is paramount not national or political self-interest.

Without a review of funding the National Assembly is in a catch 22 position. The Assembly can ask for new rights and responsibilities under the 2006 Government of Wales Act. If new rights and responsibilities are granted to the Assembly from Westminster, the Westminster funding for those responsibilities is not passed on. The funding has to be found out of the current Barnett Formula block grant. Any additional responsibilities that have financial implications mean that the Welsh fund is spread thinner. Every new responsibility means less funds for existing responsibilities.

Of course, this situation suits those who want to prove that Wales is incapable of governing its self, because too many responsibilities, even if they are allowed under the 2006 Act will be beyond the financial resources of the Barnett Formula.

The truth of the matter is that those who oppose a review of the Barnett Formula are more interested in keeping Wales under Westminster's thumb than they are in finding a fair formula that allows Wales to flourish.

Barnett holds Wales back - and that is why anti-Welsh Labour is opposed to reviewing the formula.

Hat Tips: CEP News; Peter Black AM


Garry Bushell for London Mayor

Newspaper columnist, rock music journalist, television presenter and author, Garry Bushell, has been chosen by the English Democrats as the party's candidate for London Mayor. On accepting the nomination Mr Bushell said:

I am delighted to say that I have been asked to run for London Mayor on behalf of the English Democrats. This is a serious matter. I have thought about it seriously and I will be campaigning extremely seriously to win. It’s a big task but it can be done. I’m a Londoner born and bred and I’m sick and tired of the way London and the people of London have been taken for granted by career politicians. I’m disgusted by the crime, grime, poverty and pollution that afflict our capital. And I’m infuriated by the way tax money paid by Londoners is used to subsidise Scotland’s welfare state while our own hospitals face ward closures and cuts. I’ll be fighting for all Londoners, regardless of race or creed, to restore pride in our great city. To help my campaign, register support or find out more, please go to http://garryformayor.co.uk/ The English Democrats believe in the creation of an English Parliament and in a Bill Of Rights to restore our civil liberties. The party can be found at http://www.englishdemocrats.org.uk/

Good Luck Garry


The German word for Fart

My tracking service shows that the fourth, fifth and seventh most popular Google hits that have flagged this blog over the past six months have been variations of the the question What is the German word for Fart?

Clearly the blog title and references to Liberal Democrat leader Mike German are what cause this unusual traffic flow.

To avoid further disappointment to those who arrive here asking this all important question, I understand that the answer is FURZ!

Glentoran, I don't belive it.

Glyn Davies, Nick Bourne, Dylan J-E, Lisa Francis, Guto Bebb and a whole host of others have been trying to sell the new Welsh face of the Conservative party for the last 10 years. The nodding dog impression of John Redwood singing Hen Wlad fy Nhadau was of old they assure us. The Conservative Party in Wales is now 100% Welsh. Not only do you have to be able to sing Hen Wlad fy Nhadau to be a Welsh Tory grandee, you also have to prove your Welshness by playing the tune on a triple harp too!

So why, o why, have the Tories shot themselves in their Welsh foot by appointing a self confessed buffoon who knows nothing about Wales as their Welsh spokesperson in the Lords?

I note that none of the regular Welsh Tory bloggers have welcomed this appointment, despite having had 24 hours in which to do so, but none of them have condemned the appointment either. Sitting on the fence isn't good enough. Doesn't the appointment of Lord Glentoran as Welsh spokesman really prove that the new Welsh image of the Tories is nothing but window dressing with no real substance?

Was Nick Bourne consulted before this appointment was made? If not why not? If so why on earth did he let it happen?!

Vote for Galeri

The short debate in today's plenary at the Assembly was opened by Alun Ffred, his debate praised the value of Galeri Caernarfon and the contribution that it has made to both the cultural and industrial future of Caernarfon. The example of Galeri was praised by all parties and was held up as an example to the whole of Wales on how local regeneration projects can benefit both the industrial and cultural life of a community.

In his address Alun Ffred noted that Galeri is up for a public vote award from the National Lottery. If any reader would like to support Galeri by casting a vote in its favour please click HERE



I was going to post a long and detailed analysis of today's proceedings in the Assembly, but as today is National Siesta Day I have decided to go for a nap instead, goodnight.


IWJ - Acting First Minister

It has just been announced on News 24 that Ieuan Wyn Jones is to be confirmed as Deputy First Minister by the Queen tomorrow, and that because of Rhodri Morgan's illness he will become acting First Minister immediently on his appointment. I wonder what the Labour opponents to the coalition will make of Labour being part of a Plaid lead government :-)

Alun Davies AM

Seneddwr has a bitch post about Alun Davies AM. I don't like bitch posts - politics is about policies rather than personalities.

I don't agree with much of Alun's political viewpoint, but he is one of the most charismatic orators that I have ever heard.

I have heard the big guns of Plaid speak in conference, but only Alun has ever made me have to pretend that a fly got in my eye because I was too macho to admit that I had been reduced to tears.

In Plaid in the late 80's early 90's the debate about the ambitious young turks usually cantered on wither Ashley Drake or Alun Davies would be that generation's eventual party leader, most said Alun. Adam was never part of the equation (Ashley seems to have disappeared).

Alun has made his mark in the Assembly in the few weeks that he has been there, he may not have pleased everybody - but everybody now knows who he is - which is more than you can say about most of the new intake (and many of those who have been there for the whole eight years).

Sadly Alun will never be the leader of Plaid, but I would be very much surprised if he doesn’t become the leader of the Labour Party eventually, and if electoral things go his way a very, very popular First Minister.

If that happens I won't let him forget what he said that bought tears to my eyes. Alun spoke of his grandfather's love of Wales and his deathbed regret that he wasn't dying in a Free Wales. I don't know about you, said Alun, with passion but I don't want to die a British subject.

I still don't want to die a British subject, Alun, I hope that you don't either!



We may make strange bedfellows, but Normal Mouth and View from the Glen agree with my view that a referendum on the next step for the National Assembly is unnecessary.

I can't see the constitutional value of a referendum based on the Government of Wales Act 2006, because the result of the referendum won't change the powers that the Assembly has. A yes vote will just simplify the way that those powers are accessed. A no vote will keep hurdles - it won't change powers.

As a general point, Gordon Brown has said that he wants to review the Union's constitution. In doing so he would be wise to consider passing a Referendum Act that makes it clear when and why referenda are called.

An ad-hoc use of referenda for political expediency isn't democratic. If referenda are to be used at all in the political process, then consistent constitutional law, rather than a government's fancy should trigger them.

Poni welwch chwi hynt y gwynt a'r glaw?

Poni welwch chwi hynt y gwynt a'r glaw?
Poni welwch chwi'r deri'n ymdaraw?
Poni welwch chwi'r môr yn merwinaw'r tir?
Poni welwch chwi'r gwir yn ymgweiriaw?
Poni welwch chwi'r haul yn hwyliaw'r awyr?
Poni welwch chwi'r sŷr wedi'r syrthiaw?
Poni chredwch chwi i Dduw, ddyniadon ynfyd?
Poni welwch chwi'r byd wedi'r bydiaw?
Och hyd atat ti Dduw na ddaw - môr dros dir!
Na beth y'n geidr i ohiriaw?

This is part of the death ode for Wales sung by Gruffydd ab yr Ynad Goch in 1282, at the time of Llywelyn II's murder by the English. It seems like an appropriate song to sing again on the dawn of the day that Plaid Cymru is about to repeat the treachery of old by selling its soul to the enemy.

Dyniadon ynfyd* - indeed!

(translation = stupid fu**ers)


Is Wales a Nation or a region?

If this question was asked in an opinion poll I would suspect that the vast majority of the people of Wales would say, without a doubt, that Wales is a nation.

Even people like David Jones MP, who thinks that supporting Welsh independence is ludicrous and disloyal; or people like Kim Howells MP, who thinks that supporting Welsh independence is both difficult and dangerous , would agree that Wales IS a nation.

If we all agree that Wales is a nation, why should Wales not have the same rights and responsibilities as other nations? If we all agree that Wales is a nation why is Wales not allowed to be one of the United Nations, for example?

If Luxembourg is a nation that can have full membership rights and responsibilities in the EU, why can't Wales, if it is a nation, have the same status?

A number of comments to my previous posts have suggested that arguments for independence are defunct, because the Welsh majority is against independence. There is some value to this argument, but the only reason that the majority is opposed to independence is because nobody makes the independence case any more.

If the case for independence was made then that case would be indefatigable, because the Welsh majority believe that Wales is a nation, equal to all others.

The sad situation is, that in Wales, the argument for independence is no longer made because those who should make that argument have sold out to the unionist policy of devolution. A policy that makes Wales a poor region, rather than a proud nation!


A Nationalist not a Devolutionist

Sorry for the lack of posts over the past few days - the computer has been playing up.

I made a comment on Normal Mouth's blog a couple of days ago, in which I said that I wouldn't thank Tony Blair for devolution, because I am a nationalist and not a devolutionist. This comment seemed to surprise both Normal and Gwe, and I must admit that their surprise surprised me a bit.

I would have expected that everybody would know that devolution and nationalism are not one and the same thing. Devolution is a system of government that is supported by people who are clearly not nationalists, Rhodri Morgan, Gordon Brown, Tony Blair and Jack McConnell; Nick Bourne and Annabel Golding; Ming Cambell, Mike German and Nicol Stephens. Even the Union's arch unionist the Rev Ian Paisley supports devolution. Either these people are closet nationalists or Devolutionism and Nationalism are incompatible.

Unionists see devolution as a way of stopping / frustrating nationalism by recognising the reality of national / regional identity values and trying to address them within a unionist context. George Robinson went as far as supporting devolution because he claimed that devolution would kill nationalism stone dead

Nationalists should recognise that devolution is a means of stopping / frustrating nationalism. Whilst not opposing any devolutionary step we should always reject devolution as not good enough, because devolution isn't independence. This is the view taken by the SNP, who didn't join the "devolutionist" Scottish Convention in the mid 1990's, because it is a nationalist and not a devolutionist party.

The only, so-called, nationalist party that we have in Wales, Plaid Cymru, has swallowed the devolutionary worm hook, line and sinker. Plaid has given up on campaigning for independence (until 2050 according to ex MP Simon Thomas) and is now committed to the evolution of devolution.

As devolution is an unionist device aimed a stopping / frustrating nationalism and as Plaid is now a fully fledged advocate of devolution, a party that sees independence as a long term goal, rather than an election issue; the only conclusion that one can come to is that Plaid is no longer a nationalist party. Plaid is now a fully fledged unionist party that supports the unionist means of stopping / frustrating nationalism until the likes of me are well rotted in the grave.

Its time for Plaid to stop depending on nationalist sentiment for its core vote, whilst betraying that sentiment at every opportunity. It's time for nationalists to stop supporting a unionist wolf in nationalist sheep's clothing.

It's time for Plaid members to make a decision. Do they want to reclaim the party for the nationalist cause, or would they prefer to see another party fighting for the national vote in the near future?