Response to:The left need to realise that just being right won’t win them elections

Interesting article by Ifan Morgan Jones on how the left needs to adapt in order to win elections . I am not a big fan of the left, but I disagree with Ifan from a nationalist perspective. The problem is that the right hasn’t “won” by doing what Ifan suggests, by respecting opponents. The right has won by demonising and othering opponents. We are “traitors”, “Europhobes”, “anti British”, “deserve to be executed for opposing Brexit” etc. The problem is that the left can’t do the same, because of who controls the MSM. Fake Labour “antisemitism” is called out, true Tory blaten racism isn’t!

And the idea that social media can somehow overcome MSM right wing bias is also fake, the Facebooks / Googles / Twitters of social media are bigger right wing corporations than even the Murdoch Empire.

The only chance that the national cause has is to piss off the establishment so much that they start attacking Wales and the Welsh and “othering” us. Neil McEvoy has pissed of the establishment, but pissed off Plaid in the process. And therein lies a major nationalist problem!

Perhaps Plaid should think more about being part of the campaign to piss off the establishment in favour of the Welsh National Cause, like Neil has, and less about being a “nice, let’s not upset anybody” party!

Look back at the period before Plaid won in the same area it has won since the 1960/70’s and never moved out of. It was an antiestablishment party, hated by the English press. Now we are a party that loves an occasional nice but condescending article about our leader in the Guardian! We need to create a backlash!