Localism - the salvation of devolution?

Press Release from the National Assembly for Wales

Democratic Deficit Session 2

Localism - the salvation of devolution?

At a time when the national and regional media in Wales often fail to engage the people of Wales in the work of the National Assembly, Rosemary Butler AM, the Assembly’s Presiding Officer, would like to invite you to a take part in a discussion on the regional and hyper-local media’s role.

The session will take the form of a round-robin round-table discussion where you can give your views on a number of new and emerging channels

of communicating with audiences across Wales as well as more traditional local initiatives.

The results of this session will be used to draw together a report on how the National Assembly can work with all sections of the media in Wales to encourage more people to become active civic citizens. This event follows the Cardiff University conference on community journalism, held earlier this year.

Day: Wednesday 12 June 2013

Time: 17.00 – 19.00

Venue: Pierhead

RSVP: 7 June

Tea and coffee will be provided

To book a place please email


or call 0845 010 5500



The UKIP Conundrum

I am sick of seeing Nigle Ferage's big grin on my telly and the claim that UKIP has made some mega breakthrough.

OK!  UKIP made some gains last Thursday, so what?

UKIP won just 5% of the contested seats.

UKIP is currently in eight place re number of County and district councillors in the UK.  

UKIP didn't gain control, or even balance, on any council.

From a purely psephological  point of view UKIP had a shit result last Thursday they failed to break through anywhere!

So why does the media spin UKIP's disappointing result as exiting?

Less than 0.75% of the UK electorate actually voted UKIP last Thursday – why isn't that truth being broadcast?

 73% of those who cast a vote, voted against UKIP.

UKIP is not, by any stretch of the imagination, the new voice of Britain!.

The majority of the people who live in these islands continue to oppose UKIP's neo Nazism,!
The best way to deal with UKIP's so called "success" is to move away from it rather than embrace it!

Only Plaid Cymru, MK and SNP seem to be moving away from the fascist minority, whilst the big three want to embrace and "understand" UKIP Facism!

Do you remember 1936?