The UKIP Conundrum

I am sick of seeing Nigle Ferage's big grin on my telly and the claim that UKIP has made some mega breakthrough.

OK!  UKIP made some gains last Thursday, so what?

UKIP won just 5% of the contested seats.

UKIP is currently in eight place re number of County and district councillors in the UK.  

UKIP didn't gain control, or even balance, on any council.

From a purely psephological  point of view UKIP had a shit result last Thursday they failed to break through anywhere!

So why does the media spin UKIP's disappointing result as exiting?

Less than 0.75% of the UK electorate actually voted UKIP last Thursday – why isn't that truth being broadcast?

 73% of those who cast a vote, voted against UKIP.

UKIP is not, by any stretch of the imagination, the new voice of Britain!.

The majority of the people who live in these islands continue to oppose UKIP's neo Nazism,!
The best way to deal with UKIP's so called "success" is to move away from it rather than embrace it!

Only Plaid Cymru, MK and SNP seem to be moving away from the fascist minority, whilst the big three want to embrace and "understand" UKIP Facism!

Do you remember 1936?


  1. To say that, "Less than 0.75% of the UK electorate actually voted UKIP last Thursday – why isn't that truth being broadcast?" is pointless. Your're arguing that Ukip didn't win seats where there were no elections! The fact is that where there were elections Ukip got 23% of the vote.

    Of course, most of it was a protest vote, but it still means that the political landscape has changed, if only temporarily.

    And don't tell me that you're another one who sees this buffoon Farage as another Hitler!

  2. The thing to remember is the UKIP WILL back the Tories if push comes to shove. They have managed to tap in to real concerns on immigrations and Europe, if this can trigger an referendum, sooner the better to put these issues to rest, and the UKIP will have done something useful. The UKIP will back Tories if Cameron goes, but it is highly unlikely any coalition with them will fare any better than it does with the Liberals, who soon found out who was calling the tunes, and will soon be the who ? party. The clowns have had their day, by splitting the vote. Best not poke fun yet.

  3. Actually Jack I think the buffoon Farage is much more dangerous than the angry dictators of the 1930's, because of his image as a funny little twit. The way that the likes of Farage and Johnson hide their evil behind a joke and a grin makes them much more of a threat than those who ware their hatred on their sleeves.

  4. Bill Chapman07/05/2013, 17:27

    I don't think you're right to use the term "fascist" in connection with UKIP - although I dislike them as much as you do. If we accept that fascism is a form of radical authoritarian nationalism, then this pejorative term doesn't apply to UKIP. There is no mention in UKIP's ramshackle agenda about militarism - a strong indicator of fascism. Farage is not xenophobic and hardly a Mussolini. This is a populist protest movement. In Cornwall UKIP was competing for the same protest voters, and MK now have four seats on Cornwall County Council compared to UKIP's six.

    Plaid Cymru and the SNP would do well to understand the appeal of UKIP to voters disenchanted with all other parties. Drunken MPs and AMs of the mainstream parties hardly appeal to the voter looking for a sense of morality and vision in our representatives.

    No doubt UKIP will fade away, but we all have a lot to learn from their recent showing.

  5. Plaid seems a permanent victim of nationalist jibes, and claims of language fascism. Mostly direct at them by those living along the M4 Corridor. South Wales has the numbers of voters, and in South Wales, there is real hostility at the welsh language. Plaid is between a rock and a Hard place, every time it defends the welsh language they are lining up here to attack them. Universal access to the welsh language has to cease, and only provided ON REQUEST, this cuts the ground from under those who feel Wales is spending far too much on 'access' very very few are using at all and incurring costs that it need not be doing. I feel the welsh language/education can still survive. The real side effect of not doing that is more hostility at the Welsh Assembly, many posts I have read are on the face of it, racist and bigoted. We need a message that says the world will not end if London stops giving us handouts, and produce real policies to manage when those handouts cease. As they WILL.

  6. I agree MM. Get rid of the language all together, this will solve a major headache for Plaid. we should also stop all of the Welsh cultural nonsense which is also damaging and stops people voting for Plaid. Plaid should however do more to support International rugby days. Support the military more as well, really gun for them and back 'our boys' to the hilt, regardless of legality or otherwise. It would help as well if they started to show some love to the Royal family, because everybody likes them - that's where the electors are at - they should follow the electors more (none of this 'leading' rubbish). Changing their name should be a prioroty. What does 'Plide Kumree' mean to anyone anyway? Most people in the valleys support Labour, but Labour is old fashioned but the brand is strong. Why not re-brand themselves as Nu Labor or 'Welsh Labour - COME ON WALES!'.

  7. Alwyn, Have you never heard of Godwins Law?