Vote Labour - Vote England

I have had an interest in electoral politics since the 1970s. I can't believe that was 45 years ago! Doesn't time fly when you are enjoying your elections?

During the whole of that time I cannot remember a single general election (or other election) where the Labour party hasn't tried to blackmail the electors with the same old mantra Vote Liberal get Tory, Vote SDP get Tory, Vote SNP get Tory, Vote Plaid get Tory etc.

Electoral statistics show that to get a majority Labour needs to win in England, it doesn't depend on the Welsh and Scottish vote. In 1951, 1955, 1959, 1970, 1979, 1983, 1987 and 1992 Wales gave massive support to the Labour Party, but still got a Tory government. If Wales had voted for 40 Monster Raving Loony MP's in 1997, 2001 and 2005 we would still have suffered Tony Blair's Labour Government.

If you are a Labour supporter don't waste your time canvassing in Wales, English marginals are more important to your cause / gravy train.

The sad thing about the Vote SNP get Tory, Vote Plaid get Tory crap, isn't the historical inaccuracy or the slogan, but the full stop! Plaid and the SNP stand to get the best for Scotland and Wales. If Labour went further than the full stop and explained how Scotland and Wales would benefit from voting Labour they would lose votes in England and absolutely scupper their ability to form a government – voting Labour is not in Wales' or Scotland's best interest.

The Labour deal seems to be please vote Labour so we can win in England -for England's beneft. Labour offers nothing for Wales!


Vote PC and MK to kick the SNP 's Arse!

YouGov, Ashcroft and other polling companies are predicting that most, if not all, Scottish seats will be won by the SNP in the next Westminster General Election, well done the SNP!

Welsh Nationalists and Cornish Nationalists are expected to applaud this advance, but I wonder if we should do unquestionably? Because the SNP has proved, on many occasions, to be a very selfish party, it expects Celtic support, but very rarely offers it.

Every time I see Leanne Wood and Dick Cole on TV or hear them on the radio they mention Scotland's right to self determination, but it is rarely reciprocated by SNP reps!

If the SNP was to hold the balance of power in the next UK Parliament would it insist on a Cornish Assembly as part of the deal or enhanced powers for the National Assembly of Wales? I doubt it.

The only way that Wales and Cornwall can ensure that our needs are met is by ensuring that there are enough PC and MK members of parliament in the wider nationalist group to remind the SNP that they are NOT just there in Scotland's interest!

To a certain extent the worst possible scenario for Wales and Cornwall is one where our needs are sidelined by a Westminster obsessed with Scotland, whilst the SNP forget that Wales and Cornwall exist! The only answer is to make sure that there are enough Plaid and MK MP's there to remind the SNP that there are other interests at stake!