BNP & Liberal Democrats

Back in December the councillors of the Borough of Burnley in Lancashire met. One of their duties was to select one of their members to represent the council on an outside body. Two councillors stood for nomination Cllr. Gauton Labour and Cllr Wilkinson from the BNP. Despite the fact that all major political parties have roundly condemned the BNP two Liberal Democrat councillors chose to support the BNP contender.
After a Labour Councillor wrote to the local paper to complain about the Lib Dems supporting the BNP there came a reply from one of the Liberals justifying his decision on the grounds that
The Lib Dems are, by their very name, liberal-minded and democratic. We vote how we think the needs of the people are best-served.
So it is clear that some Lib Dems believe that the needs of the people are sometimes best served by Fascists!

I accept that there are fools in every party, and that it would be unfair to condemn a whole party because of the activities of one or two fools. However what does surprise me and does reflect badly on the Liberal Democrats as a whole, is that three months later these councillors remain official party representatives; they have not been expelled by the party or disciplined in any way and not a word has been heard from any senior party member condemning the councillors actions or dissociating the party from them.

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