Return of the prodigal

Like most who have an interest in Welsh affairs I was aware of the fact that Dave Collins had been forced to resign by Ann Jones AM because of his Welsh is a brain dead language comment. As much as I vehemently disagreed with Mr Collins' comment I have already stated that putting a young family man on the dole because of such a comment was a gross over reaction by the Labour Party, a party founded to protect the rights of workers.

Today I discovered that Dave wasn't the only employee of an AM to lose his job as a result of the brain dead affair. Apparently Marcus Warner, the author of the Keir Hardly site where Dave Collins' comments were published has also been dismissed by Irene James AM for Islwyn as her press officer/researcher, apparently for an irretrievable breakdown in trust but clearly for hosting the blog on which Mr Collins' unfortunate remarks were published.

I shan't pretend to be Marcus' biggest fan. I disagreed with about 90% of his postings as Keir Hardly and with a similar amount of his other postings as Clear Red Water and Renewed Labour. Marcus has also disagreed with many of my postings on this blog. But as Voltaire (may have) said I disagree with what you have to say but will fight to the death to protect your right to say it. But, of course, Marcus wasn't sacked for what he said, but for what (in effect) somebody said to him!

I am pleased to see that Marcus has returned to the Welsh blogosphere, this time in the guise of Southpaw Grammar.

I wish Marcus all the best and hope that he finds new employment soon, especially as he and his partner are expecting their first child.


  1. The thing is Mr Diflas these guys were employed in the politics business and they made political cock-ups and got the sack.

    If someone was employed in a garage and put the owner's business at risk through making a mechaical cock-up, chances are they would get the sack. What's the difference, it's not a freedom of speech issue it's the business they worked in and the potential harm they were doing to the firm.

    On the defend to the death front and as a matter of interest, does that extend to the BNP?

  2. Nice to know who some of these bloggers are! (at least you all know who I am).

  3. Miserable old fart...

    Diolch am fawr. I appreciate the sentiment.

    The anon, you seem to not in posession of the facts. Ce la vie. Read my blog.

  4. Sadly, Marcus isn't alone. If he reads this I am sorry to hear about his predicament and I hope that he lands on his feet soon.

    I'm afraid that he is not alone in this, as it has already happened to another in Wales. He was wise not to reveal anything and contact a solicitor. I hope that he also contacts a Union rep as soon as possible and completes a claim for an employment tribunal.

    'An old friend'

  5. Marcus is an idiot. How ha can entertain any hopes of becoming an AM is beyond me, especially as he seems to have done everything possible to ruin his career in politics. Using anonymity to protect a job is one thing, but using it to insult people of a certain area who speak a certain language, airing discriminatory views you'd otherwise keep a lid on is pathetic. I look forward to the continuing spectacle of watching Warner pissing on his chips. The lad's so full of himself he doesn't even realise the hole he's in is one he dug himself. Perfect Labour AM material, really