A few quick points about Scotland

I haven't blogged about Scotland for a while, so here are a few quick comments to make up for the deficiency:

  • 1. We were robbed! Rhydian was a much better singer than Leon on the X Factor, Rhydian should have won it!

  • 2. A poll in the Sunday Herald shows support for independence in Scotland has grown to 40%, an all time high. If this growth in support continues its upward trend for another 12 months there will be a very clear majority in favour of independence by next Christmas. Interestingly a poll in the Telegraph last week put support for independence in Wales at an all time high of 22%. The growth in support for Welsh independence is probably a side effect of the Scottish debate. How many Welsh people would support our country's freedom if Plaid campaigned as positively as the SNP does for independence rather than continuing to be a devolutionist party?

  • 3. The Labour, Conservative and Lib-dem Unionists in Scotland are trying to thwart the march towards independence by proposing a joint proposal for further Scottish devolution within the UK. None of them believe that their proposals would need a referendum before they are enacted (they wouldn't dare). If Scotland doesn’t need a referendum for even more devolution why are the Unionists in Wales so insistent that a referendum must be held in order to give Wales fewer powers than Scotland currently enjoys?

    1. I missed the 22% for independence report and can not find it on-line. Do you have any more details??

    2. Just found out the answer by going to the ICM Research web-site. It doesnt quite say what Alwyn said though.

      The question asked was:
      Would you like the Union between England and Scotland to continue as it is or would you like to see it come to an end so that both England and
      Scotland become independent of each other?

      with 62% saying continue as-is, 22% saying independence, 16% dont know.

      Not quite tha same as wanting Weslh Independence but may be an indication of rising support.

    3. Sorry the full report from ICM for the Telegraph can be seen here. The report was commissioned as part of a rather odd campaign held by the Telegraph last week in which they wanted English people to declare their Britishness, whilst being bilious towards Scotland and ignoring Wales. 22% of those polled in Wales wanted independence for England and Scotland, it is a supposition on my part that those polled in Wales realised that independence for Scotland and England would make Wales independent by default.

    4. I saw the original Telegraph campaign, which rather oddly took the line of promoting Britishness - providing you were English......

      I agree with your view that independence for England & Scotland would mean de-facto independence for Wales as well so I am hoping that the EDP can get their act together.