Independence in Europe at last

At long last it appears that Wales may have gained the status of independence in Europe. Not in the EU, but in the Eurovision Song Contest. According to a report in today's Herald newspaper the competition's organiser, the European Broadcasting Union has told SNP MEP Alyn Smith that there is nothing to prevent Scotland from entering on its own merit. If there is nothing to stop Scotland, then there is nothing to stop Wales either!

Hat tip: Adam Smith was a Socialist


  1. We wouldn't want to win though,, think of all the Euro junketing expence that would bring.

  2. sounds like a great idea, we are the land of song after all.

    but being told you can and actually doing something about it are two differnent things, let see if we have someone who can with guts to get this off the ground, im not holding my breath just look at the contempt those in power hold St David's Day with.

  3. Wales and Scotland have every right, along with Ireland, in entering the Eurovision Song Contest.
    If they were to do so the standard of the entries might go up substantially.