Dwynwen - Wales' Secret Weapon

Rugby fans have a big dilemma. The biggest match of all, Wales v England, is to be played on St Valentine's Day. Do you woo your loved one, take her out for a romantic meal and then enjoy an evening of loving passion together - or do you watch the match and go out for a rugby p fest with your mates?

Hard choice and a dilemma indeed!

However Wales has a secret weapon that enables Welsh supporters to overcome this dilemma - St Dwynwen.

Tomorrow is St Dywnwen's Day! St Dwynwen is the patron saint of Welsh Lovers, a saint who is the equal to, if not better, than Saint Valentine.

So woo your lover tomorrow, buy her chocolates and flowers - take her out for a romantic meal, show her passion and love - persuade her that Valentine is not for us, that good Welsh people do it for St Dwynwen! And then you will be free and guiltless on Saint Valentine's day and be able to direct all your passion towards encouraging Wales to beat England!

But on Feb 14th the English fans and players, poor dabs, will still be worried about the rolling pin and the bollocking for putting Rugby before love!

If all Welsh fans celebrate St Dwynwen tomorrow, so that we don't have to worry about St Valentine in three weeks time, it could give us a five point lead before the starting whistle is blown!

So, tomorrow, make love for St Dwynwen - Wales' Secret Weapon!


  1. It would be even better if your loved one likes rugby; Feb 14 would be heaven for you both!

  2. Quite right, Damon - Welsh fans of that persuasion can have the best of both worlds!

    Pure romance on St Dwynwen's Day and Rugby Romance on St Valentines Day too. Wow!

  3. Why not watch the match, go out for an evening p fest with your mates, and then go home for a night's loving passion with your loved one. Seems the best solution to me.