Who is C of C?

I, and a number of other bloggers, have had an e-mail from C of C which is rather nasty about the Welsh Liberal Democrats' new leader Kirsty Williams:

All the hype that surrounded the election of Kirsty 'Kleenex' Williams as Welsh Lib Dem Leader, is now just a dim and distant memory.

Thanks to the wonders of modern science, it is now possible to pinpoint the exact moment at which her star, truly began to wane.

Apparently, it was 4:27am on 21st December 2008:

This was the last time the hapless Führer left her mass ranks of followers (30 in total), a message on Twitter:

Ever since that precise moment, the increasingly isolated and remote figure of Williams has proved conclusively, dead-cats don't bounce.

Since being elected she has managed, with consummate ease, to rack-off the Cardiff-based press pack by skipping two press conferences.

Then, in an attempt to breakout from the 'bubble', Kleenex galloped North to make a personal appearance to endorse her candidate in a Council by-election in Wrexham:

The result? Not only did the Lib Dems lose to the Tories, their share of the vote actually fell substantially following her presence 'on the knocker'.

All is not lost for poor Kirsty, however. The wretched Lib Dems have one option left.

Perhaps it's time Kirsty was re-launched as her Party's Leader. Kirsty 2.0 maybe?

I am sure her guru Peter 'The Genius' Black will come up some fascinating ruse to have another crack at re-catapulting his quite positively useless Leader into the electoral stratosphere.

Who knows, after her re-launch, she may even get as many as 35 people following her on her Twitter.

As I have only ever posted on Twitter once, a message that said something along the lines of I don't know what do do on this site, I am in no position to comment on Kirsty's lack of Twittering.

But I am intrigued to know who it is who has the knife pointed in such a vicious way towards Ms Williams' back. It couldn't possibly be Cringe-worthy of Cardiff, could it?


  1. Um,

    If you go back and look at Confused Of Cardiff's postings over the last six months, I would say it is pretty obvious that it is no-one in the Welsh Lib Dems. Seriously, this is a desperate attempt to try to pretend the surprisingly united WLD group is something different.

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  3. Actually Alwyn Confused is a little confused by the workings of Twitter. She has 87 followers. 30 is who she is following!

    Yes it is nasty, and whoever he is he seems to have only emailed Nationalist bloggers. Or possibly he is one of them.

  4. Alwyn!

    I have closed down Morgan Hen and reinvented myself as Ely Voice mcridland.blogspot.com