Some prat has attacked this blog with spam comments on every single post. Whilst I spend a few hours erasing them I have switched off the ability to read or publish comments. This will just be a temporary measure, things will be restored by tomorrow.

Apologies to those regular commentators who's inboxes will have been inundated with "follow up comment information" e mails too.

This is going to take me a lot longer than I thought (especially as I am tempted to read all the old posts and comments as I go through the process! - Did I really write all that crap? Did you really respond to it?)

I have turned the comments and ability to comment back on. Comments on posts over 14 days old will be moderated. Please resist the temptation to click on any of the remaining spamming links - they contain a virus!

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  1. Funny how the spamming started when David Taylor was exposed for the cretin he is....