Dig for Victory!

Today marks the beginning of National Allotment Week, apparently. I don’t like these national days and national weeks particularly – there are too many of them to start with! But I would like an allotment.

Yesterday I had a very nice Sunday Dinner: Pork from a local butcher and all the veg grown in my own garden. Unfortunately my garden is very, very small, so the home grown dinners are a very rare treat. I need an allotment so that I have a patch that is big enough to feed the family all season.

Jonathan T Clark of Plaid Monmouth stated on a recent post that The 1908 Small Holdings and Allotment Act says the council has a duty to provide land if they are satisfied there is demand and if six electors petition that council, their representations have to be taken into consideration.

I wonder if I have five readers who live in Llansanffraid Glan Conwy who would like to join me in petitioning the local council. (If there is interest my e-mail address is at the top the left side bar).


  1. best of Luck Alwyn
    I know of several friends who have tried this in many LA areas to no avail
    Leanne Wood seems to be campaigning hard on this lets hope she gets some where,

  2. Following some press comments this week about the need to change the way that we grow and buy food, allottmenst is an excellent idea - but I would go further - make all local produce tax-free - not just VAT exempt, but any such income to be non-declarable - so someone setting up a small business growing tomatoes in an allottment and selling them at a local market stall could do so without having to entertain the taxman.

    And I would make all beer etc brewed on pub premises to be duty exempt.