Why Didn't Santa Visit Wales?

This is a short brake in my blogging hibernation in order to raise a question of the utmost importance. Why didn't Santa visit Wales this year?

NORAD is a military agency of the US and Canadian governments that monitors the skies in order to look out for missile attacks aimed at northen America. Because of their speciality NORAD is able to track Father Christmas's journey across the world. Every year NORAD shares this intelligence with the world's children so that they might know where Santa is on each stage of his journey.

Above is a map of where the great bearded one had been shortly after he had left the British Isles. The map shows that he had visited Scotland, England the north and the south of Ireland, but he appears to have flown over Wales without stopping.

Have the children of Wales been particularly naughty this year? If so the Assembly must do its utmost to ensure that the children of Wales are better behaved next year so that Santa doesn't ignore our country again! If our children have been as good as they usually are then the Assembly should contact NORAD to ask them to include Santa's visit to Wales next year.

Season's greetings to you all.


  1. Santa didn't visit Wales because he couldn't find it on the map. It was merged with England. Even the United nations had no record of it and that is where Santa gets his list of destinations.

  2. Technically Wales doesn't exist. Don't blame Santa, blame Henry VIII.

  3. Too easy to blame other people for doing stuff in the past, it is an excuse people use for not doing stuff themselves in the present.

    Henry VII did it. Why didn't Elizabeth I undo-it? or Victoria? Or Elizabeth II? Too much of a cushy number to let go of?

    And Wales does exist, I live here. So people can technically stick their red-tape where the sun doesn't shine (and I'm not talking about the North Pole)

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Welcome to the world of nonpeople as anyone living outside the the SE of England are subservient to their masters enshrined in the various regions of the empire and have to obey and kneel to these superior beings.

    Take comfort in that at least you know who you are even though you contribute more but recieve less from these unmentionables, nuclear weapons mean you can flex your muscles and still be lucky to pay your basic bills.

    ps At least the CIA don't known you exist and my lips are sealed.

  5. Actually, it was Henry VIII who legally annexed Wales with the Laws in Wales act 1535. And I know Wales exists (though not in the pretext of international law), I live here too.

  6. If you listen to the sad people who run Llais y Sais, you already know that this is wrong. Santa = St Rhodri, or St Peter the Vain. At least by the amount of turgid exposure they give them.

  7. Unfortunately, you Welsh seem to have opted out from the Santa experience.

    You appear to claim that Christmas is overseen by someone called 'Sion Corn'.

    You've made your bed, now lie in it!

  8. There is no tradition of Santa Klaus in Cymru.
    He was invented by the English to brainwash Welsh children to believe all good things are bestowed on them by a benevolent British establishment.

  9. For goodness sake Alan, I'm all for blaming the British state for the woes that Wales suffers, but claiming that Santa is a part of an anti Welsh Brit conspiracy is stretching the conspiracy theory a bit thin!