Llyr or David and the Daleks - time to Choose!

Absolute proof that life under a Cameron Government would be disastrous for the human race has been revealed.

Dr Who has visited Cameron's Britain in his Tardis and has returned to the present day to warn us to change history before it happens.

This proof has been revealed by none other than David Jones MP, who warns on his blog that Dr Who is biased against the Conservatives. If David is not on Dr Who's side he must be on the side of the Dr's hated enemies like the Daleks and the Cybermen.

The voters of Clwyd West have a clear choice in the forthcoming General Election - they can vote for David Jones and his friends the Daleks or vote for a better future by supporting Llyr Huws Gruffydd, and by doing so save the whole world from Dalek domination!

Dr Llyr Who-s Gruffydd (Plaid)

David Jones MP (Conservative)


  1. David Jones: you do wonder what he's on. He's certainly in need of something to make himself more interetsing. Seems he was dabbling too much in the murky waters of the Aberconwy Tories recently, and just made it all worse, and the divisions more evident.

    Daleks aside, Clwyd West really is between Plaid and the Tories. It's got to be Llyr!

  2. Clwyd West Voter15/02/2010, 19:23

    I know one should not judge a book by it's cover, but the pictures in your postings are as bad as each other, on balance I much prefer the Dalek photo.

    Llyr looks to me properly what a Dalek looks like inside!

    I see from his web site that he has rehashed his encouragement of having a discount card for Welsh produce in the supermarkets, he first initiated this campaign last march, don't say he is running out of puff already!

    As a matter of interest Edwards of Conwy sausages are cheaper in Tesco than in his own butchers, how does Llyr explain that one I wonder!

    By the way I have voted Plaid many times, but will not be doing so this time in view of how we have made such a hash of the Assembly and Conwy Council.
    I would rather vote Dr Who than our lot!

  3. Brian Maitland15/02/2010, 20:14

    The self-described 'Clwyd West voter' should perhaps put that question to Mr Edwrads of Conwy. Maybe Tesco have bought in such bulk that in brought the cost down. Or maybe they're just screwing the supplier again.

    Perhaps 'Clwyd West voter' knows about grocery too. He / she has certainly employed the dreaded grocer's apostrophe in his / her very first sentence.

    Not to mention a surfeit of exclamation marks, presumably so we'll know when we're supposed to be amused.

  4. Here we go again, the nit pickers are out.
    Brian you cocked up yourself with your typpo error.
    Pull the plank out of your own eye before you attempt to pull a splinter out of some one else!

  5. Brian Maitland16/02/2010, 11:17

    Oh to be Anonymous now that Spring isn't here.

    A typo is a typo. But anonymous ignorance is something else.