Nationalist Should Let the Tories Govern England

A number of bloggers and commentators have suggested that Labour should try to form a grand alliance with the Lib Dems, the Ulster parties and the Nationalists. I think that such an idea is absolutely stupid, unsustainable and reeks of desperation to hold / gain power for power's sake. Such a deal would be heavily punished in the ballot box in the next election.

As I noted a few days ago the only really sustainable deal that the Celtic Block could offer would be a supply and confidence agreement to a Conservative minority Government based on abstaining from English only issues with an agreement that the knock on effects of such issues would not impinge on Welsh/Scottish/NI consequentials.

The maths is there for such an agreement, and it wouldn't involve jumping into bed with the Hairy Arsed Tory Monster, just agreeing not to disagree on English Votes for English Issues, if they contained a Celtic caveat.

Of course such an agreement would allow some policies on Education or Health etc that we find objectionable to be passed for England – but England voted Tory so So What?!

England voted Conservative by a fair majority, the best option for the Celtic Block is to agree to enable the Conservatives to govern England, in exchange for a deal that is beneficial to Wales, Scotland and NI!

If I was one of the big guns in Plaid the DUP or the SNP I would be on the phone offering such a deal to Cameron, before a Lib /Con deal was brokered!


  1. I can't see the SNP entering any sort of agreement with the Tories in Westminster, no matter how tame. "Tartan Tories" is a label often thrown at them by Labour in Scotland and it would be hazardous politically for them to do so. You only have to look at the map of post-election constituencies to see why.

    It probably wouldn't harm Plaid to the same extent but it may hinder them if they want to make inroads into the valleys next May. Labour will use it as a weapon, mark my words.

    I agree 100% with what you've suggested though.

  2. We're in no position to deal with the Tories - all they need is the Lib Dems. If we're to do any deal at all I'm afraid that it needs to be with Labour & the Lib Dems.

  3. The comments relate to what would happen should the Liberals and Conservatives not come to any agreement. A grand alliance of the left would involve the SNP and Plaid voting to pass England only legislation, something which they quite rightly didn't do in the last parliament. I think that it would be morally wrong for Scottish and Welsh nationalists to agree to force policies on England that the majority of English people don't want.

  4. "A grand alliance of the left would involve the SNP and Plaid voting to pass England only legislation, something which they quite rightly didn't do in the last parliament"

    Not necessarily. They could abstain from England only votes and it would have the same effect.

    I am very confident that Elfyn Llwyd and Angus Robertson would keep a very good lid on what's morally right for their bloc to do.

    The majority of English people need to realise they're voting in UK elections not English ones. The UK system doesn't work. Let them get frustrated. They'll then see the paradox devolution has created and will begin demanding a Parliament of their own- which is exactly what they're entitled to as a nation.

  5. Nationalism has been rejected in Wales, thank God. Look forward to a Conservative future.