Its Peter, not Elin who should resign

Rather than calling on Elin Jones to resign following the decision of three English judges to quash the democratic decision of those elected to the National Assembly, Peter Black should consider his own position. How can he justify remaining a member of an institution that he has helped a group of hippies from outwith Wales to undermine?

The decision to stop the badger cull will cost the Assembly millions of pounds, will cause devastation to the Welsh farming industry and cause untold suffering to thousands of cows and badgers. Rather than celebrating so smugly and criticising Elin Jones Mr Black should hang his head in shame.


  1. I must be bored out of my mind to read such nonsense. Peter Black hasn't wasted £10m on a badger cull Elin Jones has and throughout she has duped the public with research of no status as it is not peer reviewed.
    There needs to be a massive education programme in Wales for most AMs and farmers. The badger is NOT the greatest carrier of bovine TB.
    Why don't the farmers take pride in the fact that they have already reduced Bovine TB without killing one badger but introducing modest improvements in husbandry.
    Farmers are shooting themselves in the foot. Many are already boycotting the Welsh dairy industry, Welsh goods and even holidays in Wales.
    No customers No sales. Wake up before youb destroy the Welsh farming Industry.

  2. MOF you talk sense most days but this one your talking miserable old crap!
    Victory for the silent majority who would not want such a cruel thing to happen

  3. Anon, your boycott comments are a load of infected bull. A vegetarians boycotting Welsh beef is hardly going to bring Wales to its knees.

    Senn what is cruel is allowing this foul disease to continue to infect the Welsh badger set unchecked. Without the cull the disease will spread from those sets concentrated in the southern part of mid Wales to every set in the country – is that what city dwelling so called badger loving hippies and aging rockers like Brian May want?

    Because of this anti-democratic court ruling more badgers will die a slow and painful death from TB than would have been culled. A sickening situation, a disaster for Badgers and a very pyrrhic victory for Dr May, Mr Black and the Badger Trust

  4. Lib Dem MP Mark Williams will be disappointed by this as he leafleted heavily in support of the badger cull during the election campaign.

    Oh wait a minute, he also canvassed and told people he was against the cull.

    Bunch of liberal liars and crooks.

  5. Bang on MOF.

    What cracks me up about Peter Black is that his party never even had a policy, just a collection of Lib Dems saying what they like to whoever wanted to know.

  6. In England the Lib Dems are chomping at the bit to try and roll out culls to an extent far greater than the trial in Wales. Black needs to take a look at his own party before calling for others to resign.

  7. Peter Black is an excellent Welsh Assembly member, an educated and intelligent man, who can understand the science behind important issues and make sensible and logical decisions. He understands that a lot of mis-information is spread deliberately in order to create bad feeling and to gain votes, and thankfully he is not part of this. It would be a great loss if he resigned.

  8. Anonymous said...
    "He understands that a lot of mis-information is spread deliberately in order to create bad feeling and to gain votes".
    Yes, I hope he's had a work with his party colleague Mark Williams about that.

    "Peter Black is an excellent Welsh Assembly member"
    That's a cracker - thanks.

  9. His own party leader supports the cull. Should she then resign also?

    I can see it now the Assembly will be Peter Black, Lorraine Barrett and Joyce Watson all agreeing and disagreeing with each other depending whose watching

  10. "He understands that a lot of mis-information is spread deliberately in order to create bad feeling and to gain votes, and thankfully he is not part of this."

    Oh, is that why he has blog posts claiming that the Welsh Government has created a 'police state' in Pembrokeshire?

    Pot. Kettle. Peter Black.

  11. The most comprehensive study ever done into all things related to bTB was completed last year by the Independent Science Group. Their report concludes: ‘after careful consideration of all the RBCT and other data presented in this report, including an economic assessment, that badger culling cannot meaningfully contribute to the control of cattle TB in Britain.’
    Former Minister of Agriculture Christine Gwyther said: ‘We need to take bTB very seriously. This trial cull as appeasement is not the answer to this pressing problem and diverts the government and farming community from pursuing other methods. It is a grave mistake.’
    Sorry to not be a cliche, I am Welsh since at least 950ad and a farmer of seven generations on this one farm and I am sickened by this stuff. It is destroying my family and my community.
    Stop playing political games and taking primitive methods to solve a proble. Overwhelming scientific evidence shows culling makes things worse.
    Grow up.