Not Covered?

From the Conservative Party Manifesto's Welsh Language Policy:

(We will) Create a Bilingual Nation – Introduce a Charter-Mark for businesses which will recognise Welsh language services. The scheme will be voluntary but will offer incentives for bilingual signage and Welsh language training for front-line staff.

As kitchen staff aren't front line and Carreg Môn doesn't appear to be a willing volunteer, what suport do the Tories offer these Welsh speaking workers?


  1. None, and to think that this sort of thing goes on today, makes me wonder, would it happen anywhere else? What would the result be if it happened in the outer isles of Scotland or Ireland, No Gaelic to be spoken here!! What would the Scottish Nationalists say?

  2. Can you imagine the reaction if, say, an Indian restaurant instructed its staff not to speak English in the kitchen?

  3. It's funny you should mention an Indian Restaurant, I had the opportunity to employ Indian workers, during the interview I spoke English, and the recruit had to converse with me in English. It makes sense to me, that Carreg Mon should have had a more sensitive apporach to this dilemma, by involving all of the staff in discussing a medium for them all to communicate in, be it Welsh, English or both, depending on the situation. It's a shame that the business will suffer now. On a lighter note, how many members of staff at Anglesey County Council have to speak English, even though their first language is Welsh? Where is the Health and Safety issue excuse there?

  4. OK, so the head chef doesn't speak Welsh, which means that Welsh-speaking staff have to use English when speaking with him. That being so, where's the problem with Welsh-speaking staff using their mother tongue amongst themselves in their own country?

    Could it be that the real problem is that the head chef is insecure and when he hears staff speaking Welsh he thinks they're talking about him? If so, then the problem isn't the language at all, and the hotel's owners should pay for treatment for the poor fellow.