If you want to live in an Independent Wales move to Scotland!

Apparently nobody understands the concept of an Independent Wales, or so says Plaid Cymru AM Rhodri Glyn Thomas!

Despite being an elected member of Plaid, Rhodri's advice to those of us who support Welsh independence is F*** off to Scotland. When I was a member of Plaid in the 1970's and 1980's that was the sort of sh*t I use to hear from Labour and Conservative dinosaurs whilst canvassing , go and live in Ireland if you hate Britain so much!

This blog has criticised Plaid Cymru's lack of faith in the national cause over the years, but even I hadn't thought that the Party had sunk to such depths that its elected representatives despise nationalists so much that they feel that they should be exiled to Scotland!

What Rhodri is quoted as saying in the Western Mail is clearly incompatible with any description of Welsh Nationalism. I hope that Rhodri comes forward with a press release that condemns the Western Mail for misquoting him and makes a four square case for the national cause!

If he doesn't I would have to ask any nationalist who supports Plaid Why are you in the same party as Rhodri Glyn? Either he should be kicked out or you should move out and help create a true new Welsh Nationalist Party.


  1. You could say the same about Dafydd El - its time to wrestle the party back from the dinosaurs. Re-join now and work to get Leanne or Elin elected leader and then work to get the has- beens who do not believe in the party's aims deselected.

  2. Why didn't Adam Price stand against him? Why was he given a free ride again? He's a dead weight.

  3. thought as much before i read it, what do you expect from shit stirrer Shipton of the Fail, he's as bad a self parody as Rhodri Glyn and Dafydd El.

    I mean how can anyone take this seriously 'DET's leadership bid being derailed by the independence wing of Plaid Cymru', I think irony just died.

  4. DET is in the wrong party. I was one of the complainants, and I was sorry RGT got mixed up in it, as he has always struck me as a decent chap, but both of them deliberately went out of their way to undermine the new resolve of Plaid to campaign for independence. That is not acceptable.

    Leanne Wood is the only rational choice for members who are serious about achieving our goals. All the other candidates are just continuity candidates, second or third place all the time in elections, with a couple of ministerial cars thrown in for the leader or one or two others.

    Plaid needs a good radical kick up the arse. We have achieved 70% of our aims, with law making powers and the Welsh language act. Time to start again, and go for the other 30% to get full independence. Leanne can give us hope for that, none of the others can.

  5. I lost faith in Plaid a long time ago - I would love to see Adam Price leading us towards independence - I have my doubts about Leanne Wood as she makes herself an easy target but I have no doubt that her heart is in the right place.

    But DET is a duplicitous dinosaur


  6. I'm thinking of voting Elin Jones. For independence but also a safe pair of hands. She needs to up her game and create her own luck. I'm afraid Leanne will give our opposition too much amunition.

    In any case, the two women in the Plaid leadership contest are 'wearing the trousers'. The men are dripping wet.

  7. Today's WoS story may be the start of 'members for independence divide Plaid' campaign.

    "Unknown" Michael Haggett's responses have more coherence and dignity than those of his critics.

  8. Both him and LORD Ell are a blydi disgrace and should be censured if not expelled for what they've been saying in the media especially after the conference vote!
    I'm angry enough to say f$%K it i'm off but the only reason i'm not is to vote for a candidate as leader who'll shout Independence at every opportunity,
    Vote Leanne Wood!

  9. Plaid need to get back to its roots, they seem more obsessed with follow the leader than joining the race. We need new blood and a new direction, neither Labour nor Tory/liberals want Wales independent at all, so far I've seen plaid lauding Scotland and even Cornwall time to start again here I think..

  10. MM. "neither Labour nor Tory/liberals want Wales independant at all". You can add the majority of the welsh people to that list!.