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I don't do book reviews on this blog, mainly because I don't know how to do them.

Despite having a Twitter account I don't particularly like Twitter; - I don't see the point of saying something in 140 characters that one could stretch into a 3 hour sermon!

If I was to join both of these failings together I would probably tweet Wow what a great read or What a croc of sh**; as a response to most of the books that I have read.

I have been offered a free copy of a book to review on this blog. I won't take the offer up, if I did I would be obliged to say something more than wow/croc about it; but as the publishers were so kind as to make the offer and the subject is my many times great grandfather I'll give it a free plug!

How the murder of Wales’ Greatest king transformed the history of Britain on the eve of the Battle of Hastings

Gruffudd ap Llywelyn is one of those relatively unknown figures that deserves a lot more recognition in the annals of history. Born in northern-Wales in the early part of the eleventh century, Gruffudd would go on to seize an unprecedented amount of influence in a ruthless ascent to power. After forcibly unifying all of Wales and claiming the title of ‘king’, Gruffudd successfully attacked the English with the help of a Viking contingent. Gruffudd would get as far as Hereford before burning the city and returning home. These acts forced King Edward the Confessor to seek peace.

Harold, earl of Wessex (later King Harold I) would later take the fight to Gruffudd and in 1063 forced the King to flee his homeland. He was later betrayed and beheaded by his own men, forebears of the princes who have entered history as Wales’ national heroes. The Welsh were left in chaos on the eve of the arrival of the Normans. The death of the last king of Wales would nevertheless also lead to the downfall at Hastings of England’s last Anglo-Saxon king, Harold II.

• The first popular account of the only king to rule all of Wales as a single country and also the last king of the ancient Britons

• Provides a fresh perspective on the events that lead to the Norman Conquest

• Contains original research and little-known illustrations

Michael and Sean Davies each hold a PhD in mediaeval history, and both have published books and articles on Welsh history. Michael runs a company which gives historical tours of Wales and Sean is a writer and editor for the BBC in Cardiff. They both live in Wales.


  1. The book is entitled ...

    "Gruffudd Ap Llywelyn: the Last King of Wales" it will be released on 1 October 2012, can be pre-ordered on Amazon.

    Intriguing the authors state "The death of the last king of Wales would nevertheless also lead to the downfall at Hastings of England's last Anglo-Saxon king, Harold II", I look forward to reading the book, as this proposition gives a new slant on the events leading to the Norman conquest.

  2. Presumably offers have been flooding in to have the book translated into English.

    Can't wait. I love a good suspense.

    1. Sorry troll

      The book is published in English!

  3. "I love a good suspense"! Are you sure you want this book in English?

  4. Did this great Welsh King say he would come back if the Welsh ever needed him, something along the lines of who was it oh yes Arthur, because boy we could do with him now

  5. Robert, of course not, this great Welsh King is like all other Welsh people who make a bit of money, now living a good life in London and pretending to be English!

  6. Anyone been to Caernarfon recently...memorials only to Welsh defeates ...not a single flag or statue to the Sleeping Giants of the Princes of Gwynedd...In fact Gwynedd Council is the reason I don't vote for Plaid...its not apathy its incompetence stops me !!

  7. Well, well, so the Welsh brought all their troubles on themselves! I must send this post to No Good Boyo.

    1. No Good Boyo is my half first cousin's husband's cousin – so we are related - and Llewelyn may well be his 33 x Taid too (at least through marriage).